Children at Shaheen Bagh are carrying weapons — BOOKS

Debby Rai, BeyondHeadlines

The most powerful weapon that can be used to transform the world is Education. Volunteers at Shaheen Bagh are making the best of the opportunity by educating the less privileged children of the people protesting at the site. With the wholehearted support of the people from all strata of society, books and stationery are pouring in to empower these little souls with Education.

“When we observed that a lot of out-of-school children roamed around the protest site, we decided to channelize their energy in something meaningful. We got them books, taught alphabets and numbers, and handed over crayons so that they can unleash their creative self”, said one of the volunteers.

Another added that looking at the chaos that the country is facing at present, education is the only hope that can help sensitize these young minds. “The country can only be saved and transformed if the children are gifted education, instead of hatred and lethal weapons”, said another volunteer.

The volunteers are not only focusing on the education part but also trying to groom the children for a healthy lifestyle. “These children didn’t seem to maintain hygiene which can be the main cause for contracting otherwise preventable diseases. We thus have to also ensure that they take bath on a daily basis, wear clean clothes, and eat nutritious food”, shared one of the group members.

The group is also preparing to continue supporting the education of these less privileged children through crowd funding, once the protests are over.



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