DMC letter to Police Commissioner about harassment of Muslims on Delhi streets and closure of meat shops

New Delhi: Delhi Minorities Commission Chairman Dr Zafarul-Islam Khan and Member Kartar Singh Kochhar sent a joint letter to the Police Commissioner on 12 April saying that the fire of communalism is spreading in Delhi, especially in rural areas as a result of media trial and communal propaganda using social media. The letter brought to the notice of the Police Commissioner a case in an area of Delhi which went viral on 11 April 2020.

The mail attached a copy of the video in which a Muslim fruit vendor is being thrashed for venturing into a “Hindu” area. The attacker is abusing the Holy Prophet of Islam. The face of the attacker is clearly visible. A signboard seen in the video belongs to a coaching centre in the Main Molarband Market, Jaitpur Road, Badarpur, South Delhi. A motorcycle is also seen in the video. It is a Splendor+ (Self-Drum-Cast) motorcycle bearing no. DL9SBX9250 and registered in the name of one Sudhanshu at Dwarka. The DMC letter said that continuation of such attacks against members of the Muslim community in NCT of Delhi is very worrisome and indicates police negligence and failure.

Action on this letter was taken and the next day the miscreant was arrested from the place pinpointed in the DMC letter.

The letter also brought to the notice of the Police Commissioner that some meat shops have been closed by the local police in some areas of Delhi. Since meat is a food item, it falls under “essential” items and legal shops selling meat should be allowed to function.

The letter further said that DMC has come to know that there is no uniform policy about this, hence meat shops in some areas are open while in some areas local police have closed them down. The letter mentioned cases of two meat shops in Najafgarh Road under Runhola police station and another at Kamruddin Nagar under Nangloi police station. Both these shops have been closed by the local police. The letter said that if there is a policy decision to close all meat shops during the current Covid19-related restrictions, a copy of this order may be sent to DMC. If no such order exists, all police stations should be directed to let legal meat shops function as per existing rules.

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