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How is Sharjeel Imam’s Case Being Affected in Lockdown?

It has been 75 days since my brother is in illegal police custody of different states.

I met him in the second week of March in Guwahati Central Jail where he is currently lodged and after consulting the advocates, it was decided that we would be filing for his bail immediately but soon thereafter lockdown was imposed because of COVID-19 and we were not able to do so.

Till now, the courts are not listing regular bail matters and are only hearing extremely urgent matters through video conferencing (his matter is not being considered as urgent). Therefore we are waiting for this lockdown to end so that his bail application is heard.

The advocates are also not being allowed to meet him as there are orders to not let anyone from outside meet any prisoner till the lockdown is in effect.

However, we have been getting updates about him through telephone and other channels of communication and it has been informed to us that he is safe and healthy. It is worth mentioning that because of the continuous telecasting of fake news by the godi media regarding Tabligi Jamaat members spreading coronavirus, the atmosphere in the prisons is also highly communalized and Muslims are being ridiculed all over the country including the prisons.

We hope that this lockdown is lifted soon so that we can file for his bail immediately as we all know that he has been falsely implicated and this is a purely political case.

Keep him in your prayers and wish for his safety and health.


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