New Delhi: Dr Zafarul-Islam Khan, Chairman, Delhi Minorities Commission asked Muslim community leaders not to accept invitations of news channels which are spewing venom against the community.

He said in a tweet on 15 April: Media lies, fabrication and humiliation of invited guests by godi channels, like Republic, Times Now and Aajtak etc., have crossed all limits. Our innocent Maulanas and enthusiastic laymen provide them opportunity to humiliate them and the whole community. They should reject any call from these media houses to appear on their shows.

He said, “I am boycotting Republic and Times Now since long. I have told Times Now that I will not appear on its shows during this life-time and have told Republic that I will not appear on their shows even in my next life. If anyone approaches you to appear on their shows, ask them to invite Prof. Tahir Mahmood, Prof. Faizan Mustafa, Abdul Khaliq [LJP], Anil Chamadia, John Dayal, Prof. Shamsul Islam.”

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