‘Tweet not deleted, I stand by it’ —Dr Zafarul-Islam Khan

New Delhi: Dr Zafarul-Islam Khan issued the following statement via tweet today, Sunday, 3 May 2020: “It has been erroneously reported in a section of media that I have apologised for my tweet of 28 April and deleted it. I have not apologised for the tweet itself and have not deleted it. I have apologised not for the tweet itself but because it was ill-timed and insensitive in the midst of a medical emergency faced by our country. The tweet is very much there on my twitter handle and facebook page. Moreover, I have said in my 1 May 2020 statement that I stand by my views and convictions. I will continue, now and in future, the fight against hate politics in the country. FIRs, arrests and imprisonments do not change this path which I have chosen for myself consciously years ago to save my country, my people, the Indian secular polity and the Constitution.”


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