Dr Osman Shaikh designs Biosafety Patient Shield for Dentists across India

The design of a biosafety patient shield has been created for dentists who are working amid this lockdown. It is designed by Dr. Osman Shaikh, a dentist by profession. Tooba Momin, from Malegaon, working at National AIDS Research Institute (Pune) too helped in this creation. 

Dr. Osman belongs to Bhiwandi, Mumbai. He has completed his education from Pune. 

As we all know that in the red zone, only emergency dental procedures can be performed. The dental clinics in orange and green zones will provide dental consults only and dental operations will be restricted to urgent procedures. And a similar type of guideline is there for dentists globally. 

People, globally are unable to access urgent dental services in the wake of the coronavirus pandemic. 

Looking into this scenario, Dr. Osman decided to create something by which dentists can easily help their patients and can open their clinics. First, he learned about 3D designing by himself from scratch to reach out to investors and creating this thought into the design. He was working on his thought day and night and there were many sleepless nights also and finally decided to create a biosafety box that can be attached with the dental chair and it will be safe to work for dentists and even for patients who are in urgent need of dental services. He first started to think about what can be done to isolate dentists from it. Then he had decided why not isolate the patient as this will also minimize the area to be disinfected also improve the working efficiency. 

The problem occurs when viral particles are aerosolized by a cough, sneeze, or dental care. In these instances, particles can potentially travel across far greater distances, with estimates up to 20 feet, from an infected person, and then incite secondary infections elsewhere in the environment. Thus can infect health-care workers and contaminate surfaces. 

So this device comprises of every necessary thing required by the dentist about which only a dentist can understand while treating their patient. 

This device comprises of the fully functional protective shield with the movement of a shield in every direction and filtration facilities to provide a clean atmosphere for a dentist to work upon any patient effectively without having to worry about anything as long as proper protective measures are being followed

The name of this invention is ‘Box for Improving and Neutralizing Aerosols’ (B.I.N.A). 

Now they are looking forward to introducing this invention globally as every dentist in the world is facing the same situation due to COVID-19. 

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