Hyderabad Police Commissioner Anjani Kumar sets Glorious Example of Kindness; Relocates Trespasser Snake to Nehru Zoo Park

Hyderabad City Police Commissioner Anjani Kumar, IPS, was on a morning walk at his residence when he noticed some movement in the vegetation in the car parking. Our best friend (read dog) started barking continuously. The smart police officer Anjani Kumar spotted a snake there. He did not rain down lathis on the trespasser snake. Beneath his tough exterior, there is a kind heart tucked away in his broad chest. The Rat Snake was arrested (caught) with the help of police department personnel, who have expertise in catching snakes. Now, the snake is behind bars at the Nehru Zoological Park with no possibility of bail anytime!

Anjani Kumar is an eco-culturist, who cares for our environment and the Indian culture. He urged the public not to panic and not to kill a snake if they spotted one. They should catch it and shift it to the zoo park. It should be noted that the top cop’s pet dog, a Great Dane, did not jump and attack the snake. It is a very disciplined creature. It only barked and alerted about the danger. Anjani Kumar is a no-nonsense police officer who does not tolerate indiscipline. It may be recalled that the police chief suspended high-handed policemen who rained lathis and aimed their sticks at the heads of citizens and fractured bones also during the lockdown. Women were allegedly abused in vulgar language by some of those erring cops.

The rescue and relocation of the snake is a lesson in self-control and compassion under the challenging situation. This can be a part of police training at the Telangana Police Academy and the National Police Academy. Anjani Kumar dealt with the snake humanely and kindly. It is worth emulating by the policemen that while dealing with human beings, they need to show more restraint even against provocation. After all, policemen are protectors of law and not lawbreakers.

Anjani Kumar is a police officer with an international reputation for peace. He made India proud with his services in Bosnia. He was awarded the United Nations Peace Medal not once but twice. He was awarded the prestigious Indian Police Medal and the President’s Police Medal for his distinguished services. He is leading Hyderabad City Police from the front in the fight against Covid-19. He is seen motivating his men in uniform on the streets of Hyderabad.    

A word of appreciation is reserved for our best friend – the Great Dane, for being alert in protecting Hyderabad’s popular Kotwal Sahab Anjani Kumar.            

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