RJD – JD (U) in talks! Tejashwi Yadav to be New Bihar CM; Nitish Kumar PM Candidate in 2024

The Rashtriya Janata Dal (RJD) and the Janata Dal (United) have reportedly started back channel talks at the highest level to possibly forge an alliance and bury the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP)’s dare devilry in snatching away six JD (U) legislators in Arunachal Pradesh. If the talks succeed, RJD leader Tejashwi Yadav could be the new Chief Minister of Bihar. Chief Minister Nitish Kumar will step aside to be projected as the prime ministerial candidate in 2024. Stung by the treachery of the BJP in Arunachal Pradesh, Nitish Kumar seems to be in a furious mood. He is getting ready to pay the BJP back!

The RJD patriarch Lalu Prasad seems to be fighting the last battle on the health front. The doctors attending on him have already expressed concerns as Lalu’s kidneys are functioning only at 25 %. But Lalu’s brain is functioning 100%! Lalu is sensing an opportunity to see his son Tejashwi as the chief minister in his lifetime. The Arunachal episode has opened a new door towards reconciliation of friends turned foes – Lalu and Nitish. There are reports that Nitish may make a courtesy call to enquire about Lalu’s health. Outwardly seen as a ‘goodwill gesture’, this will actually be the culmination and sealing of the alliance between the RJD and the JD (U) with the final talks between Lalu and Nitish. This way Tejashwi’s political future will be secure in the near future. Lalu sees the prospect of the RJD disintegrating in the post-Lalu era. A compromise with Nitish Kumar seems to be the last and the best option for the RJD to survive under Tejashwi Yadav guided by his mother Rabri Devi. It is learnt that Rabri spent the last two days in cajoling her son Tejashwi – a bitter opponent of Nitish ‘Chacha’ for the alliance with the JD (U). Tejashwi’s prime demand is that Nitish Kumar should step aside in his favour immediately if the JD (U) is serious about an alliance.

Nitish Kumar, who is also known as the ‘Paltu Kumar’ because of his numerous political U-turns during his long political journey is comfortable with the idea of making another ‘Palti’ or U-turn. He can be seen even apologizing to the Muslims for going back to the BJP in case an alliance is stitched by the RJD – JD (U). He can be seen shedding crocodile tears for the ‘plight’ of Muslims under the Narendra Modi Government at the Centre. He is likely to be a star campaigner for the Trinamool Congress in the next West Bengal Legislative Assembly elections in April – May 2021. The JD (U) may contest some seats in the districts bordering Bihar to burn the BJP’s under construction citadel in West Bengal.

While handing over the party chief post to Ramchandra Prasad Singh, Nitish Kumar taunted the BJP that he had no desire to become the chief minister. He even asked the BJP to make its own chief minister. The power-hungry BJP is sensing an opportunity now. BJP Bihar in-charge Devendra Fadnavis, Anurag Thakur, and Shahnawaz Hussain have put Operation Kamal in motion. The BJP is allegedly luring both the RJD and the JD (U) legislators to switch sides for plum posts. Some of the legislators are weighing all their options in the fluid political scenario.

Is it just posturing by Nitish Kumar or he has had enough of the BJP will be known in the next few days. Will Tejashwi Yadav say – Sun bhai Chacha!? Will Nitish respond – Haan, Bhatija!? If the alliance happens, then one can safely say that JD (U) stands for Janata Dal (U-turn)!


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