Narendra Modi Bends, One Who Can Bend him is Required! Farmers Crush their Tormentor’s Ego

The Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP)’s headstrong maverick Narendra Modi, who happens to be the prime minister made a panic-induced announcement to repeal the three farm laws, which were perceived to be anti-farmer. The folding of hands and the apology of Narendra Modi with a run-down face in the early morning declaration by Modi suggested that the farmers were able to crush their tormentor’s ego! Narendra Modi bends, one who can bend him is required! The 14-month long struggle and sacrifices by the brave farmers, the new saviours of democracy in a fascist-led nation dawned a new era of hope. Recently, Telangana Chief Minister K Chandrasekhar Rao (KCR) disclosed during a press conference about Narendra Modi’s insecurities and anger on being called a fascist. KCR said that during a meeting in New Delhi, Modi asked him as to Why did he call him (Modi) a fascist?

The repeal of the farm laws could have taken place before 700 plus farmers sacrificed their lives for their just cause. They resisted the corporate mafia assisted by the fascists. Narendra Modi allegedly spewed venom and hatred against the Muslims since 2002. He sought to continue his game of hate, which is reflected in the statements of some BJP leaders calling the farmers anti-nationals, terrorists, and Khalistanis! Modi himself called the farmers Andolanjeevis (protesting beings). The farmers were no more human beings for Modi.

The 33% of the electorate imbibed hate and contempt from Modi against Muslims and Dalits to give a second term to Modi-led BJP despite demonetization, which ruined the economy and widespread unemployment. No promise was kept! Rs15 lakh for each citizen was acknowledged shamelessly as a ‘Jumla’ by Amit Shah. Narendra Modi saw the BJP Mukt Bharat writing on the wall. The stunning loss in the recently-held bypolls in different states and the apples turning soar in Himachal Pradesh with a clean route in the 3 Assembly segments and the Mandi Lok Sabha seats gave a 440-Volt jolt to the BJP. Not the grapes but the apples turned so soar in Mandi Lok Sabha seat that the four lakh plus lead in the 2019 general elections was dissipated and sold like the virginity of a being, who gained independence in 2014. 

The farmers’ decision to wait and move from their protest sites only after the farm laws are repealed in Parliament is rooted in wisdom and past empty promises and U-turns by the BJP government. They cannot forget that Narendra Modi had promised payment to sugarcane farmers within 14 days of selling their produce to the state. Otherwise, a 14 % interest was promised for the delayed time. Neither the principal payment was given nor the interest. Taxes on fertilizers and the non-implementation of the Minimum Support Price (MSP) made the farmers wary about Narendra Modi keeping his promise of repealing the farm laws.

Narendra Modi rubbed salt into the wounds of the farmers by not dismissing his blue-eyed ministerial colleague Ajay Mishra from the cabinet despite the alleged crushing of the innocent farmers under the wheels of Ajay Mishra’s son Asish Mishra’s vehicle. Ajay Mishra had also allegedly threatened of ‘solving the issue in 2 minutes’ in a video of a function widely circulated in the media. Perhaps, the BJP is under the illusion that the repeal of farm laws will bring the BJP back in contention in the Assembly elections in Punjab, Uttar Pradesh, and Goa. No self-respected farmer will forget the humiliation and the naked dance of death of 750 plus brave farmers. There is no question of forgiving either Narendra Modi or the BJP exclaims the highly-spirited farmers!

When will our great nation witness Narendra Modi apologise for the Gujarat Genocide 2002, in which thousands of Muslims were stripped naked on the roads of Ahmedabad and other places, raped, set fire, and burnt to death. When will compensation be announced for the wealth of Muslims looted from shops and houses? When will the destroyed houses of Muslims be re-built? When will Zakia Jafri and others get justice? When will the ‘Nero’ pay for his sins with a noose around his neck?

Indian democracy is robust and vibrant! No fascist can take away our democracy. Have faith, my dear countrymen!


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