Narendra Modi Forget Saving Muslim Women, Save Former VHP President Raghava’s Daughter in Law Pragnya from Dowry Demands, Pillow Smothering!

The hardcore Hindutva hothead and owner of Pulla Reddy sweets chain, Gunampalli Raghava Reddy, former international president of anti-Muslim Vishwa Hindu Parishad, along with his family have been booked by the Hyderabad City Police for allegedly harassing his daughter-in-law, Pragnya Reddy, for dowry. The victim Pragnya accused her father-in-law Raghava Reddy, husband, Eknath Reddy, and other in-laws of trying to kill her by making a smothering attempt with a pillow on 10th May 2022. Some years ago, this VHP hate-driven Reddy family had openly declared mixing of cow urine in sweets daily and allegedly asked Muslims to keep away!

In a spine-chilling dowry harassment case filed by Raghava Reddy’s daughter-in-law K Pragnya Reddy, her husband G Eknath Reddy, and mother-in-law Bharathi Reddy have also been accused of serious charges. Raghava Reddy was the international president of the right-wing organisation Vishwa Hindu Parishad (VHP) and a close follower of Praveen Togadia, the hate-mongering VHP’s bigot. Pragnya Reddy has been married to Eknath Reddy, the second son of Raghava Reddy, for eight years. She alleged that Eknath along with her parents-in-law and sister-in-law G Srividya conspired against her to file a divorce as she had not met their unending demands for dowry. Pragnya declared that at the time of the wedding,  she gave her in-laws Rs 75 lakhs in cash, silver articles worth Rs. 10 lakhs, gold and diamond rings, a diamond pendant, a tiger’s claw in gold and diamond worth Rs. 9.5 lakhs. She also claimed to have given her ‘Adapaduchu’ (Sister-in-law in the Telugu language) Srividya Reddy, a diamond necklace worth Rs 35 lakhs as ‘Adapaduchu Katnam.’ A specific dowry for sister-in-law! Pragnya also stated that her in-laws filed a petition with RDO Begumpet under the Senior Citizens Act for protection and for evicting her and their minor daughter from their residence, with a “malafide and dishonest intention.” The distressed Pragnya Reddy further stated that her husband Eknath and her in-laws Raghava and Bharathi Reddy attempted to kill her by pressing a pillow on her face. “I have been suffocated and rescued myself with great difficulty on May 10th. Then immediately I have tried to lodge a police complaint, but they have threatened me to kill my minor daughter and my parents also if I lodge any complaint against them,” she sobbed.

The horrible forms of abuse were detailed by Pragnya Reddy, who claimed that her husband and his family constructed a wall without her knowledge or consent on the first floor of her residence blocking the way to the main steps. It was essentially to prevent Pragnya from going out. This wall was also to prevent Pragnya and her minor daughter even from getting drinking water. So much for Hindutva kindness!

The police defying intense pressure registered a case under sections 498 (A) of the Indian Penal Code, Section 341 (wrongfully restraining a person) and other sections of the Dowry Prohibition Act against Eknath Reddy, Raghava Reddy, and others. It is horrifying to note that no attempt to murder case for attempted pillow smothering was registered against the savior of Hindutva Raghav Reddy and his family.

The Income Tax (IT) Department Enforcement Directorate (ED) must probe the sources of income of Pragnya’s family and Raghava Reddy’s family. How was Rs. 75 lakh cash given as dowry apart from other expensive dowry items? Where is the digital push of no more than Rs 2 lakh spending by cash? Both the givers and takers of dowry must be booked under the law. Their houses and businesses must be bulldozed to teach a lesson to dowry seekers and dowry givers. Why are bulldozers reserved to tyrannise the poor and the oppressed only? The Crime Bureau of Investigation (CBI) must investigate thoroughly if the money collected under dowry duress was pumped into riots in different states by VHP president Raghava Reddy.

Hundreds of helpless Hindu women are tortured to death in the name of dowry every year. Yet Hindu Hriday Samrat Narendra Modi is busy saving Muslim women from harassment and fighting for their rights! Is there no need to save Hindu women from the greedy clutches of the Hindutva extremists who do not spare even their daughters-in-law? It is time for Narendra Modi and other Hindutva hotheads to ponder why Hindu girls prefer the love of Muslim boys and the safety of Muslim homes? There is only love and no jihad is involved! Even the Union government denies the existence of the so-called love jihad!

Pragnya’s innocent minor daughter should be spared the mental trauma. She should be sent to a social welfare girls’ hostel or some Muslim family must come forward to take care of her and provide her with love and safety.

Let us be clear that hate and dowry harassment may be the exclusive agenda only of the Hindutva bigots and not of all the countrymen! 


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