Telangana Police Successfully Solve Murder by Injection Case; Paramour Mohan Rao, Victim Sheikh Jamal’s Wife Imam Bee, 2 Others Arrested

The Telangana Police successfully solved the murder by injection case from Khammam district in three days flat and arrested the accused on Wednesday. The energetic and smart Commissioner of Police Khammam had formed 4 police teams to crack the case and bring the guilty to book.

The case seems to be like a Bollywood’s incredible crime plot brought to life on large screens. The victim Sheikh Jamal, 55, was traveling on a bike to Gandrai in the neighboring state Andhra Pradesh to meet his daughter. On the way, Jamal is hailed for a lift by a man wearing a monkey cap. Kindness overtook Jamal and he agreed to give a lift to the stranger. After going some distance, the pillion rider springs to action stabs Jamal with a poisonous injection, and runs away from the place. Jamal stops his bike and informs about the incident to the farmers working in nearby fields. He is taken to the nearest primary health care center. Jamal collapses while his vital signs are checked. He is pronounced dead.

It was almost a dead end to investigate this one of its kind case for the Khammam police. The stretch of the road is a rural area and there are no cameras to get any clues or any footage of the incident. The victim’s wife Imam Bee was questioned. Chilling details came out of the investigation by the police. It is alleged that Imam Bee and the alleged murderer Mohan Rao have illicit relations. Imam Bee is reported to have arranged the poisonous injection from RMP Dr.Venkat. She waited for two months to give the lethal injection to her husband but in vain. A conspiracy was then allegedly hatched. The stranger who asked for a lift from Jamal and stabbed him with the killer injection turned out to be none other than the paramour Mohan Rao. A tractor driver Venkatesh is also arrested for alleged involvement in the case.

The local people are stunned after the damning revelations. They urged the police should get to the bottom of the case and unearth the conspiracy behind the murder. They demanded that the police should expose the trafficking gangs and their lords behind Mohan Rao and others. Some people demanded that the right-wing extremists engaged in luring young Muslim girls and even married Muslim women should be exposed and punished sternly by law.

It cannot be ruled out that this is not the case of Dharam Yudh Prem. The so-called Love Jihad bogey is not present in our country but some states have enacted stringent laws to trap the Muslim youth into false cases. With the increasing number of Dharam Yudh Prem cases, there is a need for a Central deterrent anti-Dharam Yudh Prem Law without bail for at least ten years. A right-wing political party is hell-bent on creating riots and polarizing society in the southern states going to the Legislative Assembly polls soon.

The silver lining is that the mature and wise people of the southern states understand this conspiracy to disturb peace and harmony. 

Telangana Police Successfully Solve Murder by Injection Case; Paramour Mohan Rao, Victim Sheikh Jamal’s Wife Imam Bee, 2 Others Arrested

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