Is BJP’s Amul Conspiracy Aimed to Destroy Kannadiga Farmers, Muslims in Karnataka?

The Gujarat Cooperative Milk Marketing Federation (GCMMF) or the ‘utterly, gutterly, Islamophobic’ Gujarat Cooperative Milk Federation called Amul is being pushed into Karnataka to destroy the Kannadiga dairy farmers and Muslims at the same time. This is the essence of the debate raging in Karnataka as the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) is in a no-holds-barred mood to craftily carve a polarizing win in the Legislative Assembly elections. Either Adani or Amul has shoved down the throats of Indians along with the Reliance conglomerate headed by Mukesh Ambani. How come the BJP has been getting bulging electoral bonds surplus leaving behind other political parties?

In 2020, Amul tweeted: “GCMMF (Amul) enters the Rabobank’s Global Top 20 Dairy Companies list for the first time at No.16. This is a matter of pride for 36 lac milk producers of Gujarat.” Amul is India’s largest exporter of dairy products. So far, so good. But Amul bared its utterly, gutterly communal fangs by openly sponsoring the hate channel of Hindu extremist Suresh Chavhanke’s Sudarshan News. It may be recalled that Suresh had broadcast the ‘UPSC Jihad’ tirade and accused the ‘Jihadi Muslims’ of infiltrating into the Civil Services! As usual, this hate and contempt against Muslims went unpunished.

Amul was exposed in its diabolical designs to harm the unity and diversity of our country by partnering with Sudarshan News Channel. The white façade of milk crumbled with its black deeds of generating hate against Muslims pursuing education and entering the coveted Civil Services. Amul was never investigated if it sponsored riots in Gujarat though indirectly. This should have been done long ago. There was a backlash against Amul. Those who loved India’s unity in diversity threw Amul’s milk and utterly, gutterly butter into gutters and vowed never to buy Amul products after the Sudarshan poisonous episode.

Perhaps a larger conspiracy was hatched to displace the dairy farmers in different states nationwide and monopolize its business. The Congress and the Janata Dal (Secular) are agitated that Amul may take away the livelihood of the Kannadiga dairy farmers. Who knows? Amul may push these farmers into poverty. The local Nandini products of Karnataka Milk Federation (KMF) are much better and do not sponsor any programmes against the citizens of our country.

Amid the ongoing backlash over Amul entering the Karnataka dairy market, Karnataka Cooperation Minister S T Somashekar on Sunday clarified that there is no proposal to merge Nandini with its Gujarat counterpart.  “There’s no proposal to merge Nandini and Amul.”Only those who don’t know enough about the Karnataka Milk Federation (KMF) can say wrong things,” Somashekar argued. He slammed the Opposition parties for politicising the Nandini-Amul issue. 

The Leader of the Opposition and Congress’ chief ministerial aspirant Siddaramaiah targeted Prime Minister Narendra Modi over the Nandini-Amul issue. “You have already stolen banks, ports, and airports from Kannadigas. Are you now trying to steal Nandini (KMF) from us?” he said in a tweet. There is strong opposition to pushing Amul into Karnataka from other leaders too.

Only time will tell if Siddaramaiah’s fears of Narendra Modi trying to steal Nandini will come true or not. Karnataka does not need any hate products from Amul. Let the white, pure, and sweet milk from Nandini nourish the infants and the young in Karnataka to blossom them into truly patriotic citizens of our noble country! 

Is BJP’s Amul Conspiracy Aimed to Destroy Kannadiga Farmers, Muslims in Karnataka?

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