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Overseas Friends of BJP Chief Balesh Singh Dhankar Convicted for Drugging, Serial Raping Unconscious Korean Women

The saffron rapists who were taught to rape and kill women on the streets of Ahmedabad in 2002 have graduated to raping women internationally! The Overseas Friends of Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) Chief of New South Wales, Australia, Balesh Singh Dhankar was convicted by an Australian Court for drugging and serial raping sleeping and unconscious Korean women. Balesh Singh has fraud in his DNA like his saffronist counterparts. He put up a fake advertisement for Korean translators’ jobs to lure his victims to a café, restaurant, and finally to his apartment. At the apartment, he put humanity to shame like no predator has done before.

Dozens of unsuspecting Korean women, who were desperately in need of jobs, were raped serially and recorded for posterity. The recorded tapes running into many hours and put in folders on Balesh’s computer of sleaze proved to be his undoing ultimately as undeniable evidence. What is more shameless is that Balesh’s wife supported him in court! This reminds one of Gujarat’s so-called godman and convicted rapist Asaram, who deflowered a 16-year-old helpless devotee in one of his Ashrams. Asaram’s wife also supported him in his sexual escapades.

The flabbergasted jury watched hours of sleazy tapes of Balesh  Singh Dhankar. They heard he had a ‘very specific modus operandi’ to ensnare the women – using the same hotel, café, and Korean restaurant in almost all the rapes. Prosecutors disclosed that he spiked glasses of wine and other drinks with tablets of the sleeping drug Stilnox or the infamous date-rape drug Rohypnol. He had the cheek to film the rapes on a camera hidden in a clock he bought on eBay, or on his mobile phone, which were both recovered by the Australian police. 

It is learnt that the top leadership of the BJP with financial assistance from India’s top saffron industrialists tried to buy the victim Korean women’s silence. The aggrieved women preferred justice instead of the huge sums of money that were on offer. They withstood threats to their lives also. Korean women could get justice as the Australian judiciary is not interested in governorships and appointments as Members of Parliament. They went fairly by the norms of justice.

The sold-out Godi Modi media both print and electronic shoved this Balesh conviction under the carpet. The electronic media licking the BJP’s boots completely ignored the news. It was busy polarizing the Karnataka Legislative polls due next month. The saffron mouthpieces Hindustan Times and the Indian Express carried the news of the Balesh conviction but described him in their headlines as an ‘Indian-origin man!’ The BJP’s connection with Balesh was completely hidden by these rogue media. This demonstrates their support for Balesh and his inhuman acts.

The serial rapist Balesh Singh Dhankar was refused bail by the judge. He is due for sentencing in May. If he had pleaded guilty to the grave offences, there was a chance that there could have been some leniency in the sentence. But he made the victims testify in court and aggravated their agony. The international community looked the other way when the Muslim Genocide 2002 was enacted. Now, they are getting a taste of the saffronists’ rape tyranny!


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