Bajrang Bali Burns Down Modi’s Lanka of Lies, Hate, Corruption as Kannadigas Render Tight Slap to Kerala Story’s Propaganda Master

The Hindu mythological deity Bajrang Bali was irritated by none other than the Bharatiya Janata Party’s hardcore divider Narendra Modi, who attributed lies and heaped insults on Bajrang Bali saying that the Congress wants to ‘band karna chahte hain (‘lock up!’) Bajrang Bali. The Congress announced that it will ban the violent organization – Bajrang Dal accused of violence in coastal Karnataka. How can an assumed Bhakt of Bajrang Bali – Narendra Modi utter those humiliating words against the ‘flying’ deity who is believed to have burnt down Ravan’s Lanka? Instead of apologizing for these crass twisting lies and accusing Congress that Bajrang Bali will be ‘locked up,’ Modi went on to incite the innocent and peaceful Kannadigas by starting with the Bajrang Bali slogan at every public meeting and urging the people to raise the slogan at polling booths also even though the Election Commission (EC) does not allow religious slogans at polling booths. The Election Commission (EC) did not even issue a notice to Modi leave alone taking any action. If a non-Hindu had talked about ‘locking up’ Bajrang Bali, there would have been riots. The Bhakts seem to have more bhakti for Modi rather than for the deity. At least now, Modi should apologise to more than 100 crore Hindus for those hurtful words!

It seems Bajrang Bali stirred from the Anjanadri Hills to burn down Modi’s Lanka of lies, hate, and corruption. The Kannadigas rendered a tight political slap to the Kerala Story’s Propaganda Master (PM) Narendra Modi by handing over a resounding victory to the Congress with an absolute majority. The 136 plus seats ensured that Operation Kamala 2.0 could not be implemented as BJP was crawling at 65 seats. The B-Team of the BJP – Janata Dal (S)’s plan to play power broker failed absolutely. The Kannadigas understood Kumaraswamy’s machinations that he would not allow a stable government in Karnataka. They punished him by defeating his son Nikhil Kumaraswamy, who turned from a film hero to a zero!

The Congress should take this historic victory with humility and continue its work of ‘Bharat Jodo.’ The immediate concerns of the people are poverty, hunger, and unemployment. The answer for hardcore Hindutva is not soft Hindutva. All sections of the society must be taken along to ensure peace and prosperity. The Congress government must be on guard against the threat of communal riots. Amit Shah must not be allowed to disturb peace and harmony in the state. Just like Hindu girls have a right to wear a Bindi, Muslim girls must be allowed to wear Hijab in schools and colleges. The Muslim girls have lost two precious years of education. The Hijab ban must be revoked immediately in the first cabinet meeting. The Hijabi Tigress from Gulbarga Kaneez Fatima, who marches into Legislative Assembly for a second term successfully, had protested the ban against Hijab imposed by the BJP government and stood by the helpless girls. Kaneez Fatima must impress upon the new chief minister for immediate reversal of the ban. The Congress Government in Karnataka must notify the Supreme Court about the intention to lift the ban on Hijab. Let Karnataka prosper where Hindus, Muslims, Christians, and others harness peace and development!

(The views expressed are personal)      

Bajrang Bali Burns Down Modi’s Lanka of Lies, Hate, Corruption as Kannadigas Render Tight Slap to Kerala Story’s Propaganda Master

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