Hyderabad Lad Mohammed Siraj Integrates with Team India for Surgical Strike against Sri Lanka; Proud Nation Celebrates Asia Cup Victory

Team India pacer Mohammed Siraj’s surgical strike on the 22-yard territory destroyed Sri Lanka on Sunday in Colombo. The six wickets in six overs spell as Siraj set Lanka on fire and never allowed Ravana’s compatriots to cross 50 runs. The Sri Lankans could never cross the Laxman Rekha set by Siraj, whose outswing bowling made sure that the opponents were outsmarted decisively. Hardik Pandya ably assisted Siraj and returned with figures of 3 for 3. Pacer par excellence, Jasprit Bumrah, provided the first breakthrough in the very first over of the match. A proud nation celebrates the Asia Cup victory. Mohammed Siraj integrated with Team India on the fateful day of September 17—the National Integration Day—when the Asaf Jahi Kingdom of Hyderabad became a part of the Indian Union.

Hero of the Nation Mohammed Siraj not only stood out with his unmatched performance but also stole hearts for his kind gesture to donate his $5,000 Man of the Match prize to the groundsmen, who toiled laboriously to make the ground match-ready after rains. Siraj comes from a humble background and does not forget his roots. His heart beats for the poor.

The number of zeros below is not about the pathetic and dismal performance of the Narendra Modi government but a saga of the bravery of the Hyderabad boy Mohammed Siraj’s best bowling spell in the first 5 overs:

1st Over    0, 0, 0, 0, 0, 0

2nd Over   W, 0, W, W, 4, W

3rd Over    0, 0, 0 W, 0, 1

4th Over    1, 0, 0, 0, 0, 0

5th Over     0, 1, 0, 0, 0, 0

An exulting Eng. Syed Mujahed Mohiuddin not only juggled with structural engineering maps in his office yesterday but also dabbled in cricketing numbers as he joined fellow compatriots in celebrating India’s resounding victory in the Asia Cup final. Heritage enthusiast, IT expert, and keen cricket observer Mohammed Amjad hailed Siraj’s outstanding feat of being the only cricketer and Indian cricketer to take four wickets in one over. Kuldeep Yadav, Man of the Series, and dashing opener Shubman Gill illuminated the Asia Cup with their bright performances.

The Team India performance augurs well for the World Cup in sight. What does not augur well is Home Minister Amit Shah’s white lies while spitting anti-Muslim hate all the time. Presently in Hyderabad, a hate-spilling mission falsely claimed that there was ‘no bloodshed’ when Hyderabad was annexed in 1948. The ill-informed Islamophobe should read history and table the Sunderlal Committee’s Report on the Hyderabad Massacre of Muslims in 1948, orchestrated by the then Home Minister Vallabh Patel, J. N. Choudhry, and the security forces. The Committee’s Report mentioned that up to 40, 000 Muslim men and women with babies tucked in their arms were killed in the massacre. Former Prime Minister Indira Gandhi had said that tabling the Sunderlal Committee’s report in parliament ‘would not be in the interest of the people.’

If the Narendra Modi government has courage, let it table the Sunderlal Committee’s report in this special session of Parliament. Let Modi show the nation what his object of contempt, Pandit Jawaharlal Nehru, and his favorite poster boy, Vallabh Patel, had inflicted on the Muslims of Hyderabad. Let there be justice and compensation. DNA evidence can be collected and submitted in the courts. Why always talk about ‘800 Saal ki Gulami?’ Let Satyawadi Harishchandra talk about what all has happened or what has been inflicted, since 1947, on the erstwhile ‘Maaliks’ of the nation!

Meanwhile, Babar Azam and the brigade may be running for cover, thinking about Mohammed Siraj’s impending surgical strike on Pakistan in the coming World Cup. Pakistan can be decimated not only on the border but on the 22-yard territory too!

Hyderabad Lad Mohammed Siraj Integrates with Team India for Surgical Strike against Sri Lanka; Proud Nation Celebrates Asia Cup Victory
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