Rule-based world order goes for toss when it comes to Israel

The ongoing deadliest war of Israel on Gaza, killing hundreds of innocent Palestinians, including women and young children, following a barrage of rocket attacks and the invasion of villages of Jewish settlers by Hamas, a militant Palestinian group in Gaza, will have terrifying ramifications for the world in time to come. For the last 75 years, Palestinians have been subjected to severe oppression at the hands of Israel, which has taken a toll on thousands of innocent people on both sides, with the majority of Palestinians. Even so, there is no sign even today that the deadliest flashpoint of the world would be solved any sooner, thanks to the so-called champion and proponent of a rule-based world order who not only kept watching the dance of death but also thoroughly participated in it in all possible manners.

Yes, the ghastly attack by Hamas on innocent Israelis must be condemned in the strongest possible term but the world has to see the wider picture on the canvas and ask questions like how come Hamas entered villages of Jewish settler when every nook and corner are heavily guarded by the Israeli Defense Forces, how the US made weapons reach the hands of Hamas, why Israel ignored an official warning from Egypt of a possible attack from Gaza days before Hamas’ attack, and what was Israeli intelligence doing to prevent the attack of such scale from the one who has been under seize for almost 16 years? These are the troubling questions that raise the suspicion of something more sinister than what we are forced to believe by the media narrative.

Considering the unmatched reputation of highly sophisticated Mossad, the coordinated operation of such scale and speed with Hamas flying motorized paragliders and driving gun-mounted trucks through the lanes of Israel is astonishing and beyond imagination. However, it is too early to guess anything about how and what exactly happened; it is a matter of deep-down investigation. But based on what we see and know through the media so far, it appears that it is the plot of a dirty game backed by their masters.

The United Nations, which was set up to prevent conflict and war, failed time and again to follow the rulebook and stop Israeli occupation and aggression. But when it comes to operations in countries of its master’s choice, like Iraq, Iran, Syria, Afghanistan, Ukraine, and so on, they immediately jump to take note of it. For quite a few decades now, the UN has deviated from its founding principle of role and functioning and has been under the question that it is allegedly working under the influence and interest of a group of elite countries.

The US’ unequivocal and unlimited support for Israel is not surprising because a country that was created by UN Resolution 181 (also known as the Partition Resolution) in 1948 enjoys all rights to feel emboldened and pampered by its mentor. Such resolute, one-sided support for Israel gives ample indications about their intentions to solve one of the biggest flashpoints the world is facing now. It was also very unfortunate to see all these civilized nations remain silent while Gaza was destroyed to dust; women and children were mercilessly murdered.

The Arab World, which was kept under oblivion from how the real world works, is now silently watching the stream of blood in Gaza and can’t have the courage to speak even a single word in support of an already wiped-out country called Palestine. If they still don’t realize the deception, betrayal and fraud of their supposed ally even now, then the stream of blood will reach their doorsteps too. Saudi Arabia, which enjoys a good amount of respect and power in the Arab world, needs to review its role in the region and broker a just and lasting peace deal between Israel and Palestine before normalizing its ties with the former.

And, if some romance is still left in Saudi’s relations with the US, then they must utilize it and rush along immediately to ensure an effective ceasefire to the ongoing devastating Israel-Palestine conflict with equitable and lasting peace resolution as Israel and Palestine are two independent states in line with the 1967 border, failing which the region may explode to become the greatest humanitarian catastrophe in human history.

Rule-based world order goes for toss when it comes to Israel
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