Election Commission Should Reject BJP Leader Narendra Modi’s Nomination Papers for Filing False Affidavit About Wife Jashodaben’s Assets ‘Not Known’

The Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) leader Narendra Modi seems to be living up to his nick name ‘Pheku’ (Bluff Master), when he mentioned in his electoral affidavit filed along with his nomination papers for the Varanasi Lok Sabha seat that his spouse Jashodaben’s assets are ‘Not Known!’ Should the nation laugh or cry at this startling disclosure? A husband not knowing his wife’s assets in our Indian society is unthinkable! What is Narendra Modi trying to hide? It may be recalled that Narendra Modi had not mentioned in his electoral affidavits prior to 2014 that Jashodaben is his wife. According to the Economic Times (10 April 2014), In an affidavit submitted along with his nomination papers filed today for the Vadodara Lok Sabha seat, Modi stated for the first time that he is married. So far, Modi has left the column of spouse, which is to be filled out in an affidavit, blank. He had kept the column blank in the 2012 Assembly elections as well.

Once, the Times of India mentioned that Jashodaben Modi is the ex-wife of Prime Minister Narendra Modi. She had an arranged marriage with Modi in 1968. At the time of their marriage, Narendra Modi was 18 and Jashodaben was just 16.

Wikipedia says: Jashodaben Narendrabhai Modi (née Chimanlal Modi; born 1952) is a retired Indian school teacher. She is the estranged wife of Narendra Modi.

According to the affidavit filed on Tuesday, Narendra Modi has total assets worth over ₹ 3 crore but owns no land, houses, or cars. But he roams in Gautam Adani’s aircraft, which is not mentioned in the affidavit. Modi has declared total assets worth ₹ 3.02 crore, the bulk of which is made up of a fixed deposit worth ₹ 2.86 crore with the State Bank of India. His total cash in hand is ₹ 52,920. (Is this really possible?) He has ₹ 80,304 in two bank accounts in Gandhinagar and Varanasi.

Modi has ₹ 9.12 lakh as an investment in National Savings Certificates and also owns four gold rings worth ₹ 2.68 lakh. If an ‘infiltrator’ has a second gold ring, he is suspected and questioned. What about Modi’s four gold rings? Why is Modi not monogoldy? Why is he polygoldy? Modi’s income went up to ₹ 23.56 lakh in 2022–23 from ₹ 11.14 lakh in 2018–19.

In the education section, Modi has declared that he completed his Bachelor of Arts from Delhi University in 1978 and his Master of Arts from Gujarat University in 1983. We know that Modi is the Master of ‘Entire Political Science!’He has disclosed that there are no pending criminal cases against him. This should be read as Modi has been able to dodge the police since he was a charioteer in LK Advani’s Rakt Yatra, or Rath Yatra, and also since 2002.

The nation wants to know if Jashodaben is the ex-wife or the deserted wife of Narendra Modi. It should have been clearly mentioned about the real marital status. Did Smriti Irani stop Modi from disclosing the real marital status pertaining to Jashodaben? Why did Modi marry a child bride of only 16 years? Is marriageable age only for Modi’s ‘infiltrators?’ Was Modi’s marriage registered as per the law? The Election Commission should reject Narendra Modi’s nomination papers for the Varanasi Lok Sabha seat on two grounds:

1. Narendra Modi has hidden his wife’s assets and feigned ignorance as ‘Not Known!’

2. Narendra Modi had married a child of 16 years!

Varanasi will vote in the seventh phase of the Lok Sabha election on June 1.

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Election Commission Should Reject BJP Leader Narendra Modi’s Nomination Papers for Filing False Affidavit About Wife Jashodaben’s Assets ‘Not Known’
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