Overhaul ‘Criminal’ CA Education/Training to Fight Corruption

M Reyaz,  BeyondHeadlines

New Delhi: A group of chartered accountant (CA) students, supported by several from across the country, see the fault in spats of scams and corruption in their training where they are “compelled to do article-ship in a CA firm” and trained to “manipulate the data and hide the facts” from the very beginning.

The Institute of Chartered Accountants of India (ICAI) makes it mandatory for CA aspirants to work as apprentice in a CA firm –article ship – before completing the course.

Chirag Sawant, a CA student from Thane in Maharashtra, argues that during this article-ship, “innocent students are taught, forced and compelled to do wrong and unethical things like making fake balance sheets, fake books of accounts, audit report, etc…for nurturing and producing white collar criminals.”

He further claims that he has 115 to 120 kg of confidential documents, which can reveal how entries are forged in books of accounts and “fake” audit reports are prepared for filing returns.  IIT, MBA and several other students from different universities too have joined Sawant is his tirade against corruption.

Sawant wants to present his “confidential documents” and plead for “solutions” that, according to him, will fetch “minimum revenue of Rs 10 lakh crore to the Government of India treasury” if implemented without any modification.

He had filed an application in September 2008 to the president of India for bringing “Root Level Changes” in the financial education and financial system of India. Thereafter, he sent similar petitions to the Ministry of Human Resource and Development, political advisor of UPA chairperson Ahmed Patel and several others.  So far, he has not got success in meeting and presenting these facts.

Slide show exposing corruption prepared by him will be shown in a discussion organised by the Delhi Study Group at the Deputy Speaker’s Hall in the Constitution Club on April 8.
When asked if he has so much of documents, why is he not make them public or file a petition, Sawant argues that he is waiting for an “opportune time” and wants to create a kind of “public awareness” about the subject.

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