No Peace without Democracy in Egypt, AMU Seminar

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Hundreds of pro-Morsi demonstrators have lost their life and thousands injured when security forces opened fired, while the government intends to go more stringent against civilian protestors instead of stopping violence.

No Peace without Democracy in Egypt, AMU SeminarInternational community, particularly the United Nations, Turkey, Denmark and Britain condemned violence on civilians and called for a dialogue between parties.

India is yet to come up with a statement on Egypt’s ongoing violence, but some student organizations and NGOs have already expressed their dissent against military coup and violence in Egypt.

Teachers, scholars and students of Aligarh Muslim University (AMU) are the latest to condemn the brutal massacre of civilians in Egypt.

A symposium on “Murder of Democracy in Egypt” was organized by AMU’s Faculty of Theology on 17 August in Aligarh.

In his inaugural address, Prof. Saud Alam Qasmi, Dean of Faculty of Theology, has condemned the brutal massacre of civilians by the Egyptian armed forces.

While criticizing the unlawful dismissal of Dr. Mohammad Morsi’s elected government in Egypt, he urged for the restoration of democracy and justice in the nation.

He also stated that Muslim world to openly favor democratic voices of the Brotherhood leaders and followers of Morsi.

Prof. Mohsin Usmani, former Dean of Faculty of Languages at EFLU, Hyderabad, noted about Ikhwan’s struggle for decades. He said that Al-Sisi is following the policy of the US to dislodge any government democratically formed by the followers of Islam.

Dr. Arshi Khan of AMU’s Political Science Dept. highlighted that the US and the West are not interested in Democracy for Muslim countries as “their agenda is to create ‘failed states in Muslim territories.”

Chairman of Shia Theology at AMU, Prof. Ali Mohammad Naqvi urged the international community to come out with strong protest against killings of Muslims in Egypt.

While criticizing the West, Dr. Shakeel Samdani of AMU’s Faculty of Law said it speaks of democracy, freedom and human rights but supports dictators particularly in Muslim nations.

“Military intervention has caused the violations of democratic principles and the UN Charter,” Dr. Samdani added.

Prof. Razaullah Khan, Ex. President, AMUTA, Prof. Abdul Qayyum, Ex. President, AMUTA, Dr. Zahid, and Prof. Ishtiaq Ahmad Zilli, Director, Shibly Academy, Azamgarh also condemned the massacre by military regime.

The seminar concluded with the House unanimously adopting the following Resolution:

  1. Condemns that democratic demands of the Islamic Brotherhood were suppressed by several regimes aligned with the erstwhile Soviet Union and the United States,
  2. Deplores that democratically elected peaceful government was thoroughly disturbed for one year and then it was unconstitutionally taken over by the military forces led by Al-Sisi,
  3. Condemns the suppression of peaceful democratic demonstrations and massacre of thousands of the civilians in Egypt in addition to high number of serious injuries, illegal detentions and tortures of civilians,
  4. Condemns the illegal arrest and detention of President Mohammad Morsi and other leaders,
  5. Reaffirms that peace can be achieved through the promotion of democracy, security and human rights,
  6. Acknowledges that the formation of state and government must manifest the will and interests of the people,
  7. Calls for the immediate resignation of the government in power who supported Al-Sisi coup d’ etat against Dr. Morsi,
  8. Demands for the immediate Release of Dr. Mohammad Morsi and other leaders including illegally detained Egyptian civilians,
  9. Calls for the immediate lifting of National Emergency in Egypt,
  10. Demands that the international community should establish criminal trial court against Al-Sisi, other coup leaders and personnel involved in massacre, and
  11. Urges the Government of India, the United Nations, European Union, Russia and China for taking appropriate measures at the international level to protect the lives and rights of the people in Egypt in addition to holding free and fair elections at the earliest.

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