PADS Plans National Convention to Resist Communalism in India

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Peoples’ Alliance for Democracy and Secularism (PADS) is set to organize a national convention on February 27 to resist communalism by strengthening democratic institutions and practices.

Communal polarization has been an old and effective tool in Indian politics which led to numerous riots and communal violence across the nation. In recent past, the spectre of communal polarisation is once again haunting the country.

In a January meeting held in Delhi under aegis of PADS, participants who represented various organizations committed to democracy and secularism sensed the danger of communal polarization as the elections approaching.

“The coming general elections threaten to unleash violence once more on a society that is still paying a heavy price for the large scale communalization of politics during the last three decades,” said a release.

“Added to this is the danger of sections of the public being attracted to authoritarian solutions. The recent violence in western Uttar Pradesh should be taken as a warning.

“Every effort must be made to resist this hate-filled polarization. We are aware of the danger of communal politics of all colours, no matter which religious mask they wear.”

The participants of the meet noted that communal ideas go beyond party affiliations and the currency of such ideas would have a dangerous impact on the elections. Strengthening democratic institutions and practices would help in resisting communalism.

PADS is an attempt of the secular democratic organizations and forces to deepen the roots of democracy and secularism in Indian society. The convention is expected to be held in New Delhi on February 27, 2014.


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