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Shivali Malhotra for BeyondHeadlines

I am Shivali Malhotra, an International student from India, doing B.Com Hons in the Department of Commerce and working as peace activist for India in area of Women’s society, Economy, Peace and sustainability across the world and peace for women across the region of India.

Prior to meeting Afroz ji, I was completing my graduation degree in Bachelor of Commerce from Lady Shri Ram College for Women, Delhi; and worked as Market Researcher intern in AC Nielsen (Delhi) and worked at Soulflower India as an Accounts Intern.

Right from my under graduation days it was a dream for me to participate in International Model United Conference in Europe and its parts, and something that I was looking forward too. However, just when I passed from my High School, tragedy struck in the form of earthquake that came in Delhi in 2008 and destroyed my father’s fruit shop turning it to debris. And we had no money even to eat food for a month.

I had problems in applying for these conferences abroad. I could not make it for the Harvard Model United Conferences in Boston, US. Subsequently, I took admission into one of the oldest institutes of Delhi for studying Bachelor of Commerce. It was an enriching experience to study Commerce from people who had vast experience working in the industry.

At the end of my degree, I got a chance to work closely with the peace activists and economist at Dubai Women College’s while pursuing my graduation work in the campus. Judging my propensity for Economy and world while working, my mentors at DWC, Dubai advised me to apply to start writing.

It was easy to be disheartened, due to insufficient funds was unable to get admission in the world’s best University. But, thanks to my mentors who supported me and kept me motivated. Now, as I am nearing the end of my graduation program, I can see that my interests lie in being a Delegate in a Rome Model United Nations (MUN).

The present day situation is not very encouraging for me to pursue my ambition as the economy is down with not many vacant positions available. Moreover being a disabled student, it is tougher as available jobs prefer Normal students. I am sure I can get over this temporary setback by networking-attending more conferences and talking to people. Also, I believe that improving and expanding my skill sets to suit the job would open up new doors that I could not have thought even in tough economy like this.

So I think the best way to prepare in testing conditions like these is to focus on acquiring skills and to not look at just one field or area of expertise but to start looking for more opportunities in diversifying my area of interest.

I am thankful to BeyondHeadlines that helped me with financial assistance necessary for to travel to Rome to attend conference and manage my expenses. At the Dubai Women’s College (DWC), I got the “best student volunteer” award for year 2013 and have also got travel awards to attend conference in Dubai. I have regularly given debates and presented posters at various international conferences in Chandigarh, Dubai and Delhi.

It will be a very interesting experience for me to travel half way across the globe that I am going to Rome for Conference and I will cherish every moment I will spend in the Conference and working on my research projects. I am looking forward to get the financial aid to complete my Master Program after successfully graduating from University of Delhi. Thank you for giving me such an opportunity to apply and discuss my career goals and aspirations.

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