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“Health is fundamental human rights and that the attainment of the highest possible level of health is an important world-wide social goal whose realization requires the action of many other social and economic sectors in addition to the health sector.” (Alma Ata Conference 1978)

INSAAN International Foundation & BeyondHeadlines launch a campaign to bring awareness about basic health facilities and irregularities in delivering government services to the citizens of this country.

Objectives of this Campaign:

–  Create Awareness among Indians about ‘Health as a Human Right’.

–  Strive to Make Basic Health Services a Fundamental Right.

–  Fight Against Corruption and Mal-Practices in Public Health System.

–  Struggle for Ethical Medical Practices.

–  Strive to Free Noble Profession from the Clutches of Corporate Pharmaceutical Mafia.

–  Disseminate Studies, Reports, Handouts, Publications, Books or other Documents Focused on Public Health – Produced by INSAAN International Foundation or Provided to Us by Outside Organizations.

–  Spread awareness of how Public Health Funding is Utilized by other Nations in an Effort to Highlight Best Practices.

–  Encourage Public to File Complaints in NHRC and SHRC for any deviation by Public Servants in Delivering Health Services or implementing Govt. Health Schemes.

A Note:

India is a welfare state, and the responsibility of public health lies with it and the govt. appears to deliver its responsibility. But poor people in the country are nearly 29.8% of the total population i.e. 35 crores as per 2011 census. The actual figures could be more than this. Alarming fact is that every year about 3% of the population slips to poverty due to health related services. It’s been understood that ineffectiveness and carelessness of administration in delivering government health related services to public is the prime reason for pathetic/worrisome conditions of many Indians. INSAAN International Foundation and BeyondHeadlines have geared up to bring out irregularities in public, for the sake of citizens of this country and their welfare. If you know anything related to this topic worth sharing then mail us at

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