Development Vs. Neglect in Modi’s Gujarat

Aiman Siddiqui for BeyondHeadlines

The beauty of democracy is that it lets people speak their mind, shape theirs and their children’s future. In a recent interview to a Hindi daily Mr. Modi said: “the country needs a government that can take decisions and come up to the expectations of the people”.

Mr. Modi and his team have to study their past in order to predict future of India. There were many events as reported in different newspaper and magazines like when the RSS was banned after the assassination of Gandhi, Birla lobbied for the ban to be lifted. Swami Aseemanand, a major RSS leader and the son of a devout Gandhian, who is in jail now, being tried for orchestrating a series of bomb blasts including the Samjhauta Express blast, in which about 80 people were killed.

The blast at the dargah of Khwaja Moinuddin Chisti in Ajmer on 11 October 2007, was considered a dastardly form of terrorist attack coming as it did in the wake of the Mecca Masjid blasts in Hyderabad. In Nanded in 2006, a blast occurred in the house of an RSS worker when they were fabricating a bomb. In Kanpur, two RSS workers were killed while they were assembling bombs. There is a definite strategy adopted by Hindutva fundamentalists in their acts of terrorism. The BJP and the RSS, instead of defending these people, must come clean and control these rabid fundamentalists.

Muslims, who used to live across Ahmadabad, are now increasingly flocking to ghettos, mostly along the city’s fringes. The contrast between Muslim Juhapura and Hindu Vejalpur, neighborhoods on either side of a road that is popularly known as Border, is as striking as it is between Sajid Row Houses and Dharmabhoomi Society in Vatwa. One is a story of neglect, another is one of development — split by just a road.

“Modi was the main conspirator of Gujarat riots,” said Justice Hosbet Suresh, former Judge of Bombay High Court. “What happened in Best Bakery case? All the accused were acquitted by the trial court. But the same case got transferred to Maharashtra and the accused got convicted,” Justice Suresh told Indian Express.

“He is like Hitler. What happened after Hitler came to power? World War broke out. I do not rule out the possibility of (something) similar if he becomes the PM ” describes how boys in his ashram in Gujarat were made to chant the Ekata mantra every morning, an ode to national unity that invokes Gandhi as well as M.S. Golwalkar, the most important RSS ideologue.

Therefore, it can be concluded that the statement of Mr. Modi is false and misleading. As a matter of fact the saffronites have never accepted the secular and democratic Indian Constitution drafted by unity and which has stood the test of time.


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