Egypt Solidarity Forum Condemns Mass Death Sentence in Egypt

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Egypt Solidarity Forum has condemned mass death sentence to anti military coup protesters in Egypt in which an Egyptian court has issued death sentence to 683 protesters. Egyptian authorities are consistently ignoring international concerns and appeals from human right organizations to respect freedom of expression and fundamental human rights.

In March 2014, another court had also issued similar mass death sentence to 500 anti military coup protesters, among them many young and elderly people. Just few days before, Egyptian authorities have jailed a 17 years old student who was selected to represent Egypt in an international science competition. There are 1225 children currently languished in Egyptian jails accused of terrorism or participating in anti military coup protests. Unknown number of protesters are in jail and more than 1000 have been brutally killed by Egyptian military forces in August 2013. Human Rights Watch has already appealed to revise anti terrorism law which is extremely repressive and against fundamental human rights.

Egypt Solidarity Forum appeals India’s civil society, human right groups  and political parties to stand with Egyptians at this disappointing and depressing situation. ESF also appeal Darul Uloom Deoband and Darul Uloom Nadwatul Ulama which have close historical relations with Egypt’s top Islamic institution Al Azhar, to convey their displeasure via Al Azhar. ESF appeals all Indian citizens to express their support to victims by calling to Egyptian Embassy in India by mailing and sending them faxes condemning this inhuman judgment.


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