Congratulations Mr. Modi! – Exhibit ‘Raj Dharma’

Syed Faqruddin Ali Ahmed for BeyondHeadlines

Indeed it’s Media Victory! Modi becomes the PM of India and truly media strived incessantly to make him PM. When I observed few minutes, nearly all channels and journo were commenting on results was ‘excitedly shouting’ during NDA’s leading positions. Anyways, I first of all congratulate Mr. Modi on becoming ‘orchestrated’ PM of India. Mr. Modi here is some of my sincere suggestions to you.

1.  If you are a true Hindu please try to read every Holy Scripture like Puranas and Vedas for, these books can help you towards humanity and lead the country peacefully.

2.  If you want to be a successful PM then read Quran and read about Muhammad as this constitution can guide you towards the truth and can help you lead the country towards the true development.

3.  If you want to create history then develop every countryman irrespective of caste, creed and religion and spend on the poor of this country rather than on Reliance, Tata, Birla and other corporate moguls; better follow the Old Testament (Bible). I understand they had helped you in becoming the PM but remember to follow the ‘Dharma’ where you’ll not exhibit nepotism to anyone whoever it may be.

4.  If you want to prove yourself as the best PM ever then try to work on inclusive politics where no person lives in fear. At least from now you should act on humanitarian grounds as your dream of becoming PM came true for which Minority community obeyed and helped you by ‘dividing themselves’.

5. Do not ignore minorities Mr. Modi, particularly people of a religion. If you ignore Muslims, it means you do not want Akhand Bharat. India becomes weak, if its minorities especially Muslims are ignored.

6. You say you are from backward caste. If you are a true nationalist do not simply lure SC/ST/BCs, as did Congress. Work for their overall development. If you ignore them then history won’t forget you.

Also, Mr. Modi do not forget some of your Minority community politicians (irrespective of parties) who helped you towards victory both in (some) Assembly and Parliament throughout India in general and Bihar, UP, Assam and AP in particular.

Minorities need to change their attitude and come towards inclusive politics. It’s time to come out of Congress installed “fear”. Change yourself to change thoughts of Modi about you. Do not consider BJP as your enemy as spoon fed by Congress. Befriend those who distanced from you.

Muslim leaders – if you can’t do good to community then do not harm them. Ideally, you should have worked for bridging the existing Hindu-Muslim divide gap. At least now work for ensuring your community gets its share from government.

Mr. Modi, hope you would exhibit ‘Raj Dharma’.


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