Need for Code of Conduct for Judges and CBI Director

N.S.Venkataraman for BeyondHeadlines

When existing Central Bureau of Investigation (CBI) Director was accused of having met privately the people who were being investigated by CBI, the gentleman confirmed that he met them and simply asked as to what was wrong in it.

When the former Chief Justice of Supreme Court who retired just four months back was appointed as the Governor of Kerala which raised eyebrows, the gentleman asked what was wrong in it.

Obviously, very senior positions of trust are now being devalued by the occupants, leaving the common man like me wonder as to who could be trusted.

It is sad that these days, judges unhesitatingly share public platform with politicians, bureaucrats and business men who are facing charges of corruption and criminal acts. Many judges readily accept invitations to attend meetings and programs which have nothing to do with judicial matter.

Some time back, Chief Justice of Madras High Court called on the Tamil Nadu Chief Minister to discuss about some administrative matters, though the politician is involved in court cases. In the earlier days, when the judges had better public standards, they used to avoid even attending the wedding receptions of friends and distant relatives, so that they would not be seen in the company of people with doubtful integrity.

Now, the question is who would prescribe the code of conduct for judges, when the judges themselves do not seem to appreciate the need for it.

If the chief of the premier investigating agency would justify his meeting the people in private who are being investigated, then what sort of standards can be expected from such investigating agency. Times has come to think about it, and bring good change in a positive direction.

(The writer is associated with Nandini Voice For The Deprived)


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