Kiran Bedi is Ready to Dump Corruption for Delhi-CM Chair?

Rakesh Manchanda for BeyondHeadlines


During Anna Movement Kiran Bedi along with Bollywood actor Ohm Puri was given a show cause Privilege Motion Notice by Sansad.

The allegations were`weak` allegations for her `Naxal Style` outbursts in Ramleela Grounds in her `Ghoghat` act on stage. Then there is a past report that Kiran Bedi an able administrator was never an anti-corruption crusader by `heart`. She used Anna Movement to showcase her NGO-JNSS where there was corruption audit practised as declared in her flight travel bills.Today is puts `corruption` problem as her 7th Priority in Delhi.

See what Jan Lok Pal Bill supporters ask Kiran Bedi today.

Untitled2Kiran Bedi entry is like a parachute `Naxal` candidate to whitewash self made troubles. Why should Delhi-an old party in Delhi need to drop a commando via a parachute? Inhouse fights in BJP is unending and still there is no declaration of 70 candidates except a late arrival of Kiran Bedi who wants to ride on `Modi Storm`.

Modi storm like campaign has recently become fashionable and faces a stiff challenge now in Delhi.

Do `Dilli-Wallas` need a Modi Storm Ride to moon with wild promises ? Or does Delhi need to protect a Diya-a lamp ?

Above lines from the Viswas Nagar Madu Vihar speech of AAP spokesperson Yogender Yadav reminds me of an old evergreen Bollywood melody `Diya aur Toofan`.

The update from Delhi Modi Toofan is unable to switch off the dreams and lamps of a common Delhi Walla.

Delhi Voters need to decide who to support a storm which shall bring destruction or a lamp which will ensure hope.

(Author has worked in India and abroad in several countries and had monitored the non-political Anna Lok Pal Movement led by Arvind Kejriwal-Kiran Bedi and others.)


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