A little beyond its birth! BeyondHeadlines is 4 today…

BeyondHeadlines (BH) is four year old today. TEAM BH expresses its gratitude towards all its readers, appreciators and critics who have shown their confidence in BH and its intention of bringing a positive change in the society for a constructive future ahead. It wouldn’t have been possible without your immense support, love and faith in BH. It has provided us a very different approach of perceiving things which is a journey in itself. BH was our baby in 2011 but more than how we have nurtured it in this span, let’s say it has done that to us. It was not easy to talk about a change but we believed that it was not that difficult either. We knew that we through BH were choosing a challenging way ahead to re-bring the concept of unbiased journalism by providing information and analysis which the mainstream media have chosen to ignore. Although it didn’t look easy then but we made a space for us in no time.

BH’s focus on local events, alternative analysis and RTI exposes have proved it a great source for national and international stories, it has reported a number of five thousand five hundred ninety-seven posts. BH has been cited by almost all leading publications and media houses in India. It has more than five thousand RTIs to its credit which is a record in itself. In most of the gatherings we have catered till date, people often came up with questions of concern that how were we doing it? Wasn’t it becoming a threat by every passing day that our unbiased approach of reporting the facts and presenting them was leading us to stand against many of the powerful people of the nation. Well we replied with smiles that the shine of trust for BH in their eyes is the biggest strength which kept us going. BH has always stood for inclusive growth, social & financial inclusion, capacity building, human rights, communal harmony, democracy in belief and practice, freedom of press, transparency & accountability in government and sustainable development.

This process of last four years have been two-way. More than we thought that we will connect with you by our reports and updates on the issues happening around, your critical and positive replies have connected us to you and that is the reason, our section Mango People on the website was noticed and appreciated at first sight. Your reverts and letters of appreciation have empowered us to move ahead without any fear or doubt in mind.

We have reported things to you in the best unbiased way possible and that is the spinal fact of this journey that we still stand with what we had imagined back then that we will bring a change.


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