Sir, I Request If You are Really Interested to Play, Play with the Brains of these Children, Not with there Future

Open letter to the VC of DU

I am NOT a student of ‪#‎Delhi‬ ‪#‎University‬ and today i feel lucky for that, But One of my friends is not lucky enough, She got an ER(Essential Repeat) in one of her sixth semester exams in the results announced few days back.

She is a student of Daulat Ram College(B.A. Economics Hons.) with a passion for Economics. She had just cleared the entrance for Admission to University of Hyderabad(M.A. Economics Program). She was planning to leave for Hyderabad in a few days,but now her admission lies in jeopardy.

Talking about the exam she got a ER in, was her favorite. Being amongst the toppers of her class, she was expecting to score good marks in this exam as well, just like the other exams in which she has scored good marks.

This is not only the case with her, but her friends have got similar results. I have come to know about people who have cleared the ‪#‎IAS‬ exam but can’t proceed further because they have got an ER in the university examinations. The only option with these students is,”‪#‎revaluation‬” but again this process takes around 2 months. And the admission process for further growth doesn’t wait.

Sir i feel there is some fault in your system. So, not only these exams need revaluation but your “so called ” ‪#‎system‬ needs a ‪#‎makeover‬ with immediate effect. As these faults may be human but there ‪#‎consequences‬ can be ‪#‎devastating‬. !

Sir, i request if you are really interested to play, play with the brains of these children, not with there future.

Yours Faithfully (Till Now)


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