CBI misused Drama Needs to be Free from a Parrot & Dog Tag

Rakesh Manchanda for BeyondHeadlines

Supreme Court of India in the recent past tagged CBI as a `caged Parrot`. Parrot gets as dangerous as a Hollywood monster when misused and set out of the cage. In 2013 CBI director Ranjit Sinha told the Supreme Court that CBI is not a free but a government inclusive body.

Rains and flood may be limited to Chennai but Fast & Furious Twitter Rain and media caricature flooding Delhi is unending.

Expensive Drama in Delhi after recent CBI Raid puts Public as a loser.

Lokpal Vs CBI

CBI `unfair` & `unclear` raid yesterday on CM Office Delhi including 14 places of his principal secretary possible `hide outs` brings more blame game in Public.

Twitter battle lines are drawn for power stakeholders but Public Take Away is anger.

Prashant Bhushant the Supreme Court lawyer efforts and initiative to build an anti-corruption public pressure in spite of Arvind Kejriwal U-turn needs a revisit today. In support of above link see details….

Prashant Bhushan Objects To Appointment of Chief Vigilance Commissioner

CBI remains late wake up call stands exposed by its own FIR that has seven old names but it appears CBI raided only Rajendra Kumar-Secretary to CM. See details via recent write up….

Fast & Furious Twitter War & Expensive Drama today in Delhi after CBI Raid Puts Public as Loser

Enclosed tweet as under exposes the late political intention of the Government


Arvind Kejriwal blames Modi Sarkar and puts Defense Minister Arun Jaitley-DDCA scam file as a delayed weak reason for this raid while Modi Government like previous Congress is clearly caught in misuse of CBI to settle scores.

Delhi War between two elected VVIPs-CM & PM shall sustain but final loser remains the Public. Let us never forget Anna Movement when we saw and supported Arvind Kejriwal sitting as a Aam Aadmi on the tall shoulders of Jan Lokpal -2014.

CBI lazy mad dog

Today CM Delhi complains on channels that CBI is loyal only to Sarkar as Modi-Pal ? However his supporters fail to understand as to why AK sowed regional and parallel seeds of a Sarkari CBI-in his Lokpal-2015 version ?

CBI misuse is an unmeasured Public Loss on the Nation`s history.

This Public money on propaganda is spend to divert the attention from Original Jan Lokpal-2014 which wanted CBI to be a free autonomous body loyal to people and never a slave of Government.


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