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AAP New Opportunity Lessons after`Krane`Crash Bedi in Delhi

Rakesh Manchanda for BeyondHeadlines

Tree changes their leaves not roots. Kiran Bedi unlike Sheila Dixit was relatively honest professional. She joined a relatively dishonest party BJP only on the assurance of CM Post. After elections Kiran Bedi is now a failed Modi Crane Model in Delhi history.

kiran bedi CP

By joining CM Race Kiran Bedi has shown desire like Sheila Dixit-Ex-CM Delhi to serve Nation and to make Delhi a corruption free world class city by maintaining Law and order. Both were confident that they will win. Kiran Bedi was given a safe seat in Krishna Nagar which became unsafe for her and she lost. However Kiran Bedi-Sheila Dixit failed to stop corruption. Shiela Dixit tenure saw Commonwealth games corruption followed by an FIR against her while Kiran Bedi after defeat is carrying the tag as per TOI report for accepting black money from diamond merchants for her NGO. See the pre-election campaign against Kiran Bedi as under.


Kiran Bedi`s compromising nature with `corrupt system` within Police and now in Politics, her  ambition to a self growth first, a run for promotion as a Top Cop, `Police Job disobedience` as pointed out earlier in my recent crafts remained a collective worry for Delhi and for any patriotic Indian.

However Women rapes and cases against harassment in the past eight months under BJP Center rule has risen. How the new AAP government without police control tackles women safety is yet to be seen.What is positive during Oath taking ceremony speech that CM-Arvind promised constructive suggestion from skills of Kiran Bedi and Ajay Makhan.

Krane Bedi- A Change Maker or an Opportunist flopped CM Candidate?

Anti-Corruption bedrock has shaped both Arvind Kejriwal and Kiran Bedi. During Anna Movement ,Kiran Bedi had been promoting the victimisation story in public that her opportunity to get promotion in her 40 years Police job was blocked by the unfair corrupt system. Hence she resigned and during election campaign she threatened to sue Arvind Kejriwal for launching posters that she is an opportunist.

Arvind Kejriwal left his traditional job because according to him he felt uncomfortable and wanted to serve the poor. Opportunism also appears to have crept in the life of Arvind Kejriwal when under influence of seniors instead of resigning he went on `holiday without pay`-2005 thus blocking his post vacant opportunity in Income Tax department. Later he had to pay a fine of Rs.9.5 lakh in 2011. He was misguided by his seniors in Income Tax Department and he lingered on in the hope that with peer pressure and with his good works of RTI in public he shall help himself to morally silence his critics

Kiran Bedi was picked up to fit in Modi plans of Ordinance Raj, Danda Raj and Police raj many media reports point out. Lawyers in Delhi were angry and called her Laathi Raj Promoter. No one on streets calls her a participatory struggling leader.

Social media nitizens were quick to post videos of BJP CM Candidate Bedi walking away from an interview on Times Now and started a tag calling her “I-run-lady”. AAP paints Bedi as a tragic heroine.

At the recent AAP pre-election Delhi Dialogue Jansabha at Patparganj, the loudest cheer during Kejriwal’s 19-minute speech was when he said, “When they lose, they will say Kiran Bedi lost.” After losing her seat in Krishna Nagar Kiran Bedi was quick to add an opportunist remark to point out that she has won but BJP has lost Delhi.

BJP Election Campaign managers resigned after Kiran Bedi last minute import as CM Candidate.BJP still after great crash in Delhi never accepted cracks in their ranks and workers.

Danik Bedi

`Honest face` drought in BJP-Delhi with copy cat arrogance emerged and Modi Team lost the race even before the verdict was declared. As soon as Kiran Bedi was declared BJP CM Candidate there appears to be conspiracy theories working to defeat her. Enclosed is the One Hindi Newspaper Scoop report that Kiran Bedi has chosen CM Candidate post after she is offered Rs.60 crores. In 1995, the then Delhi chief minister Madan Lal Khurana had accused Bedi of giving VIP treatment to Charles Sobhraj, who was lodged in Tihar Jail. Then there are stories in media breaking the myth behind `Crane` Bedi as to how she stole the reward of her junior traffic inspector Nirmal Singh who towed away PM Indra Gandhi Car.

Delhi defeat for BJP has established that Mr. Modi is not the last word in politics in spite of its result.

Delhi Takeaway lesson from Krane Crash appears simple:

Don’t lose an honest system in search of a perfect leader. Perfection is a fantasy, but truth with team connectivity in a system is always a reality.

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