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Waqf Activist Tauseef Shaikh’s Death is State Sponsored Murder: Waqf Activists

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Ahmednagar: Waqf activists and Muslims organisations from different districts of Maharashtra have called the death of Waqf activist Tauseef Shaikh as a state-sponsored murder.

The organisations carried out protests across all the district collector offices in the State of Maharashtra and alleged that the district collector office was proving to be the main conduit for the Waqf scams in the entire state.

The collector office tehsildars don’t pay any attention in the illegal sale of Waqf lands and are allegedly involved in the multi-billion dollar deals which are far bigger than huge corporate turnovers. It is one of the systematic mafia loot in public eyes of the nation and is being carried with the blessings of officials of land records department who are anti-national elements, organisers said.

‘It is a systematic conspiracy to keep this robbery under the cover of ignorance as thousands of crores worth of land for the nation and the state is being sold to the mafia for free’ said Rehan Ansari, a Waqf RTI activist from Mumbai.

He said that if the Waqf department is not cleaned up then the revenue and land records department of Maharashtra will sell the entire state to the rich people of not only India but abroad.

“The main culprits are the land records department people, lower division clerks, their agents, their rich connections, waqf board officials of course with all the support of the top levels of bureaucracy and an ignorant police department. Waqf crime is one of the most dangerous crimes in India and if not controlled, it would lead to mafia state controlling the entire country,” Ansari said.

Mulniwasi Manch President Anjum Inamdar said that legal cases and police cases will be lodged against the Karjat Waqf mafia which is operating with alleged state support.

“The police department must not harass and file false cases against waqf activists of Karjat. We will file cases against all those officials who take sides in this national fight against organized waqf mafia of Karjat which has a lot of criminal support,” Inamdar told media persons.

MLA Imtiaz Jaleel said that roots of Karjat Waqf mafia are very deep and it is a warning for the government to order a complete arrest of this mafia which has been hiding from the public eye but now has been exposed right in front of the public. Now they all have to be jailed and handcuffed,” Jaleel pointed.

Tauseef Shaikh set himself on fire for the cause of Rs 500 crore Dawal Malik Waqf Land which is spread over 200 acres of prime urban land in Karjat Taluka of Ahmednagar District. His family members have demanded the construction of a university and hospital for the people of the country on the open and vacant waqf land which has been encroached by educated and politically connected white collar criminals of Karjat with alleged support from the establishment.

Majlis Ittehadul Muslimeen State Party legal cell is also in the process of filing criminal and legal cases against the land records, settlement commissioner, revenue department, waqf board and District administration including all those government officials who have colluded in waqf land grabbing in Karjat. Some educational institutes who have done land grabbing of waqf land are also under the scanner of the government, MIM legal cell officials told media.

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