Holi Special

Colours of Holi And Poor Rickshaw Pullers

Afroz Alam Sahil  BeyondHeadlines

Diverse colour! That’s what defines India- diversity in culture, religion, ethnicity, languages, politics, etc. Every day of the year is the celebration of this very diversity. Holi, the festival of colours, celebrate that very idea.

However, colours smeared are not always happy ones. Terrorists, often from across the border, but also indigenous; spill blood of innocent citizens. We do not even hesitate to kill our loved ones for sake of ‘honour’ or in bout of anger. Seldom, a day pass without news of some women killed for dowry, girl raped and brutally murdered or dead body found in suit cases.

Some play politics of colour – saffron, red, green. Some leaders do not even mind changing the colour of their ideology, if pays to do so (at least that’s what recent WikiLeaks reveal).

Life of some super rich is colourful enough, while inflation does not allow many poor to have even grains of food.

Drought has taken greenery out of villages and left many stomachs hungry. Meeting two squares meal a day has become difficult for many. Buying colour is unthinkable!

Our rich leaders’ think little of poor and even less number of projects actually reach on the ground. The colour of the festival of Holi will go in few days, but the changing colour of society will remain…

Bablu Singh, a poor rickshaw puller in South Delhi, says: “Holi or any festival has little meaning for poor people like us. Our urgent need is two squares meal a day. Festivals are for rich…”

Amit, another such rickshaw puller from West Bengal’s Malda district, says with tears full in eyes: “in villages at least, we would enjoy with friends…I don’t even imagine having some ‘colour’ here.”

Another such rickshaw puller, Kamlesh blames politicians for their dire state. “Leaders are busy earning for themselves. Who will remember poor like us?” he laments. He whines that leaders are seen only during elections. He is rather worried that on the day of Holi his earnings would be even less and would “have to hear the brunt of drunken rowdies.”

(BeyondHeadlines wishes all its readers a very happy and colourful Holi. Enjoy the festival of colour, but take care of other’s sensibility. BH also welcomes its readrs to share their views on Holi.)


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