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Opposition-less Democracy Dangerous

Without a powerful opposition, a democracy can’t be “healthy” for a long time.

Himadrish Suwan for BeyondHeadlines

Democracy is the best form of government and we are proud of India being one of the largest democracies. In a democracy, opposition is more important than the government. It has extensive role to play.

Democracy without opposition is simply a threat to democracy. The opposition plays a crucial role in a democracy as representatives of the people they criticize government in case the later ignores interests of aam aadmi.

The whole political map and dimensions have changed now as Indian National Congress is at its worst tally and a three-decade old political wing turned party BJP is gaining popularity with majority of states now ruled by BJP or its allies.

The recent Lok Sabha election was in fact a game changer and a turning point in Indian politics and Indian political system. After almost thirty years, a single political party got a majority while grand old party that ruled India for over 60 years is under crisis. Sonia Gandhi led Congress was wiped out in the Lok Sabha elections and subsequently they were denied the position of Leader of Opposition (LOP) position in the Lok Sabha.

Narendra Modi led BJP had an extensive majority which subsequently changed the whole political dimension in the house of people. At present, constitutionally we have absent opposition and hence the ruling party is the god father. In democracy, it is a dangerous sign. People may suffer in absence of the opposition which possess the right to question government in Lok Sabha on every issue.

After gaining popular vote in the General Election, BJP subsequently won Haryana, Maharashtra, J&K, and Jharkhand . BJP emerge victorious in almost every Assembly elections after it lost power in Karnataka in May 2013. Since then it has formed governments in Rajasthan, Madhya Pradesh and Chhattisgarh in the first round of Assembly polls ahead of 2014 General Elections.

Riding a sympathy wave after former Prime Minister Indira Gandhi’s assassination, the Rajeev Gandhi government got more than 400 seats. After 30 years, BJP has got single largest mandate to govern one of the largest democracies.

In fact the era of coalition politics started in 1989 with Front government. According to a report 37% of GDP now in states under BJP control and most tribal dominated states have BJP Govt. This means a lot for economics and politics.

As of now, Congress is in power in nine states but five of Congress ruled states are among the smallest in India except for Karnataka, Kerala, Uttarakhand and Himachal Pradesh. Congress does not have LOP status in Parliament. Without a powerful opposition, a democracy can’t be “healthy” for a long time.


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