21 Stop Over Crazy Lessons in 2015 to Welcome New Year

Rakesh Manchanda for BeyondHeadlines


Floods, Pollution, Drought, Corruption, Cricket, Birthday Diplomacy, Pollution and `hidden` beef exports all contributed to Public sufferings in 2015 year journey.

Hope for betterment in 2016 remains the expensive oxygen for future.

Let us grab some honest oxygen to check up the IN & OUT stops of 2015 for 2016 new year improvements.

Corruption is `Out` while Pollution remains in bars to be tested in Delhi-2016.

Corruption Vs Pollution

CM Delhi & PM India both appear to be waiting for Paris & UN stick to take hard decisions on pollution.

Mock calendar drill alert of President Obama on Republic day alert with a mask were ignored on and before Republic Day-2015.

Pollution was the most invisible boring tag before.

For those of us we missed this unequal treatment & drama can navigate to the link….

First time on Republic Day Parade- American President`s Exclusive Treatment

Republic day mask mock drill

Pollution remains the largest select glue that brings all global politicians from Paris 2 Paharganj (Delhi) to a survival agreement which remains to be tested in 2016.


The Odd-Even Car running on Delhi roads emerges honestly to bring PM-Modi & CM Arivind Kejriwal together for the delayed survival of future generations.

The fact remains that all VVIPs cars in Delhi shall be exempted from this Odd-Even rule.

1. Smart Phone IN relations OUT:

Mobile phone negative

2. Birthday Bash & Togetherness of Shariif -Modi is IN while People to People contact is OUT.

Modi-Nawaj B`Day Bash (1)

This short video is the story of common friendship in Lahore-Delhi and not about the Surprise Secret visit of PM Modi to Pak for Jindal Steel interest under the excuse of B`Day Bash

3. Group Photo Out `Selfie` 4 Self Power IN :

selfie stick

4. Obama `Namaste` IN while India Development OUT.

Obama Namaste will it help build Equal and strong India

5. Delhi Muffler Man IN & Modi London Imported Suit Magic was Out.

AK muffler gags

6. Maggi is alive-kicking IN-Transparency of Indian Regulation stands OUT & Dying.


Transparency War Puts Both Brands -Maggi & Modi in Hot Soup 

7. China Make `Ganpati` & `Laxmi` is IN while `Make in India` is OUT.

Make in India or China

8. Aaam Aadmi-2015 is Out -Joke Pal In. 

Ak-67 kicks Aam Aadmi

The original pro-people Delhi slogan in 2014 remains-

Neta Out of Service-Common Man-In.

aam aadmi3

Power Game forces the `wise` leaders to take a normal U-Turn.

9. Team Leader OUT, High Command – IN :

Ak Cuts branches

10. VVIP Salary Hike is IN- Minimum Wages OUT :

KissanVs Peon

2015- saw the Delhi MLAs highest Pay hike which motivated the MPs in Parliament to demand another 100% hike.


Please read details…

Fastest Salary Hike 4 Delhi MLAs = `Cut &Paste` American `Ishtyle`

11. Beef Eating OUT but Beef Exporters stand IN :

BJP Beef Politics

Beef eating led to lynching and hate among fellow countrymen.

Death for eating beef and three yrs prison for killing a women after her rape this is the `tolerant` Indian law.

53 Lakh `Holy Mother` Cow are OUT on roads while Profitable Politics which makes India No1 exporter in Beef is IN.

Read full details on….

बीजेपी को बीफ़ से परहेज़, ‘चंदे’ से नहीं

12. Chennai Flood In & Safe Smart City Claim out:

See how Chennai Flood has a crazy & dangerous connection with leaking Kejriwal Delhi Lokpal in this new craft with link…

Delhi’s Janlokpal Bill & Chennai Floods – All A Tragic Mess

13. Sports Spirit Out- Corruption In :

Modi Cricket

finance minister

14. Governments OUT Supreme Court on drought is IN.

SA Poster on Drought

Kudos to Swaraj Abhiyan team hard work. The new emerging trend appears the `desi `Farmers are hungry so stop caring for Vi-desiModi Vs Kissan

15. Modi Agriculture Showcase with Hal (plough) is IN.


16. Widows of farmers with Hal demanding Farmers memorial symbol at Delhi Race Course were arrested OUT.

Hal satyagragh

17. Land Bill Debate IN Living Standards OUT :

Danger unequal Ecology

Up Town Vs Down Town links.

18. Delhi-CM apology IN -Safety of volunteers followed by suicide of farmer in AAP Rally is OUT.


After CM Delhi Apology Key to a Safe Rally still lies at the Top

19. Tolerance Out while Gandhi & Godse both In :

Modi politically prays for both murdered & murderer both

20. Insaniyat Out-Religion Outlets IN.

Insaniyat pay more get more

Meek, modest and voiceless Humanity-Insaniyaat today is a market commodification with clear trend-Pay More Get more.

21. Commander IN -Team decisions are OUT.

AK-67 & Modi-282 both Replace Jan Lokpal-2014 to a `toothless` Lokpal.

gen lokpal

Both do not have any time to consult volunteers while original founder members are shown the door with no hearing.

Both Promise to Chowkidaar (Guards) &Nagar Sevak but fail to meet their own promised standards.


Both refuse a safe transparent selection procedures & a debate.

Possible Improvements-2016 :

Anti Dictator Systems

What is the Indian Taken Away ?

A friend of All Lok (People) and not a Pal of few appears the new modern trend.

While Rains bring Chennai to a standstill and the famine forces farmers in Bundelkand to eat Roti made of grass we all need to unite.

If Pal=Friend & Lok=People then why should sharing invite disaster for more and rewards with Birthday Bash for few ?

new year

Crazy future full of hope invites us ALL for an entertainment called oxygen.

To overcome VIP speed-breakers and to get work done from the high salaried Law Makers people need to re-unite in 2016.


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