Cancer Cure without Chemotherapy is possible-Be your Own Herb Doctor

Rakesh Manchanda for BeyondHeadlines

Cancer is the result of a community divorce from the Mother Nature. The survival circle in the urban market keeps the consumer of the junk food cut off from the roots using a faulty medicine system.


Expensive `short cuts` in the culture, the country`s neglected agricultural policy, eatables with pesticides and GM Food gets adopted thus inviting the Cancer.

Cancer is curable now. Community need to apply ancient knowledge without chemo or English medicines.

Let us first understand the need of Chemotherapy in spite of several side effects as a popular allopathic cure.

See 19 common side effects to chemotherapy. 


Chemotherapy medicine is powerful enough to kill rapidly growing cancer cells, but these drugs also harm perfectly healthy cells, causing side effects.

Balding is the signature side effect.

Hair Loss Emotion as a side effect sucks and at times the hair loss turns the patient bald.


Other side effects emerge like anxiety, depression, swollen hands & feet, sexual dysfunction, fast tract menopause in females, digestive distress, loss in appetite, mouth sores, nausea & vomiting and so on.

Side effects get planted in the patient body and soon emerge as newer problems thus making the body profitable for more medicines.


What actually stand missing is the emotional trauma of the patient and the deterioting quality of life during Chemo treatment.

Decades old caricature popular in western media where the treatment continues at the cost of unending years is relevant even today.


Chemo therapy grabs and loots the immunity system of the victim :

Very often the simple truth is absolutely not believed. It says-You can recover from Cancer but not from Chemotherapy. Out of fifty people suffering from cancer who decide to undergo chemotherapy, only one lucky will be still alive after say 5 years from the first Chemotherapy cycle.


After the recent Nobel Prize in Medicine-2015 to a 2000 years old Chinese herb a race for a safe, economical anti-cancer combinations appears to increase.

Can herbs stop the cancer cell`s chain of attack?

New Trend by a section of doctors is to allow a safe intake combination of Chemo drugs and Herbs like Simarouba and thus arrest the residue of resistant cells along with Cancer Cells.

These are authentic breakthrough in `Cancer Free India` in this direction but herb medicines stand eclipsed by powerful Pharma lobby.

What your Oncologist/doctor and Cancer Industry will not tell you that safe herbs at almost zero cost are available to counter the cancer growth activated by Chemo.

Chemotherapy does not eliminate breast, colon or lung cancers and yet chemo drug are used on these cancers.As per chemo direclt damages DNA and actually boast cancer growth.There is 68% increase in Chemo drugs since 2003 but there is 75% increase in cancer projected by 2030.

cancer chemo


Pharma industry continues to promote more medicines for more side effects and more profits.


Thanks to Indian Council of Agriculture Research & University of Agriculture Sciences Bangalore.

See video inside the following site link :

Paradise Tree – Simarouba glauca (Miracle Tree / Lakshmi Taru) – cures diseases, produces oil, bio fuel and more

simarouba leaves-1

An alternate, safe, fast anti-cancer dose is available today in a pure raw herb form to stop Stage 1&2 of Cancer.

Stage 3&4 needs a complimentary of herbs with Chemotherapy or Radiation to ensure better health as advocated by Dr. Shyam Joshi.

For details you may see this media & via link…

Wealth that is Simarouba

Cancer is not cured with surgical instruments, but with a vegetarian diet and herbs” -Dr.S Joshi-Bangalore based Scientist engaged since 25 years in herb research cure of cancer.

Let us join peoples support with awareness to make India free from Cancer and stop the possible or existing growth of Cancer in time.


For those in distress and those to wish to understand more and contribute more in Public join our team of Anti-Cancer Warriors and Scientists after you see the anti-cancer tests at following site:

 To share the list and testimonies of thousands of Indian users using herb solutions and planting seed for cancer freedom you can rush your enquires with age, weight and chemo update reports to the email as under : [email protected]



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