Educationist P.A Inamdar in dock over corruption charges in Muslim Co-op Bank

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PUNE: Controversial Educationist P. A Inamdar run Rs 500 Crore Muslim Co-operative Bank in Pune is under the investigative lens of Central Bureau of Investigation (C.B.I) and Reserve Bank of India (R.B.I) after two of its directors with independent view lodged complaints with the government agencies alleging multi crore fraud, mismanagement and manipulation of bank records by staffers under direction of Inamdar.

The directors identified as Imtiyaz Shikilkar and Mohammad Iqbal Shaikh had staged a huge protest outside the bank headquarters at Golden Jubilee Institute in Bhavani Peth alleging that P.A Inamdar was dictator who was looting the community in the name of muslims and entire bank was on the verge of becoming a private property of the Inamdar family with no democratic rights of dissent and open discussion allowed by the educationist.

Heavy police bandobast was deployed as security measures were tightened outside the bank headquarters as slogans alleging shame on dictator and dictatorship and chief promoter of corruption amongst muslims and destroyer of muslim community were raised by Baramati muslims bank depositors and members.

Baramati businessmen Aziz Shaikh said that “ Since his illegal rise and fake projection as a muslim educationist, P A Inamdar has destroyed the muslim community and implemented Hitlerian authority where sycophants and illiterate people became members of banks and education trust. He has used community as a tool to hide the crimes and has gone unquestioned so far.  His arrogant behavior in kicking away the relatives and parents of Murud Tragedy victims also went unquestioned as none of the Pune Muslims dared to question his inhuman stand which is unfortunate ,” he added.

Sameer Patel, another Baramati RTI activist alleged “  The muslims of Baramati under Shikilkar are justice loving persons working for the nation and have demanded the removal and immediate replacement of criminal P.A Inamdar from Azam Campus and Bank as he does not have any vision for the community. In the entire life he has promoted illiterate, corrupt, bogus, criminal, agents, and  the most evil people and never allowed meritorious people inside the trust. We have complained to the PM for his immediate disqualification from the trust as he has lost all the credibility due to corruption and nepotism. The campus today is a den of vice and corruption and needs fresh talents from all fields and not one man alone Mr Inamdar ,” he added.

Shikilkar alleged that fraud, misappropriation and manipulation were the tools employed by Inamdar to always remain in power in bank. 

“A massive fraud tween Rs 100 to Rs 110 crores has taken place in the bank in the past 10 years. The R.B.I investigation and C.B.I probe will definitely put an end to the corrupt Inamdar dynasty illegally occupying the community bank and causing loss to the nation . His son has been illegally given the bank computers related contract and all the activities are happening with dictat and no democracy. The muslim community can never see democracy till ruthless dictators illegally function as community leaders and control the bank,” he alleged.

Replying to the allegations, Inamdar informed mediapersons that his reputation was being tarnished by dissatisfied bank directors who have selfish interest in self promotion and did not care for the community. “I have followed all the procedure and law and will never do anything illegal. Why was Shikilkar silent during ten year and he also has been a president of the bank. I will take strict action against them and they will have to face legal consequence for leveling false charges against me and the bank ,” he added.

Litany of  Allegations

Rs 110 crore fraud during past one decade.

50 percent of incentives and adhoc amount given to employees illegally taken back by the bank.

Yearly Payment between Rs 75-80 lakh in the name of non existing security guards illegally siphoned off  each year.

Absolute Favouritism in allotting the Bank’s hard and software tender worth between Rs 2 to 3 crores  to Inamdar’s son Tanveer.

New shares allocated as against illegal payment between Rs 8000 to Rs 10,000.

No room for democracy and an environment of fear and retaliation against genuine directors who raise their voice.

Baramti Activists alleged that terror of Inamdar must be brought to an immediate legal  end at Azam Campus by inducting good and meritorious muslims against corruption of Inamdar family.

Inamdar has built up a paid network of mediocre muslims who have led to the community ‘s downfall by fifty years.


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