Casting Couch to Saffron Couch, Adah Sharma of Kerala Story Infamy Set to Contest from Palakkad Seat on BJP Ticket

Adah Sharma, who made a transforming journey from casting couch to saffron couch, rise to more infamy with the malicious and disreputed propaganda film Kerala Story is nursing political ambitions after the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP)’s sees hope to make a foray into Kerala. It may be recalled that the BJP made an unsuccessful bid to win over the Christian clergy through its rabble-rouser Narendra Modi failed miserably last month.

It is significant to note that a massive controversy erupted around the film after the Kerala Story’s trailer claimed that 32,000 women from Kerala had gone missing and joined the terrorist group ISIS. The figure was revised from 32,000 women to only 3 (three) women after the backlash about the false figures and the maligning propaganda to spoil the most literate state Kerala’s good name. Adah Sharma has maligned Muslim women from Kerala without any hesitation. It may be recalled that Adah Sharma was trolled by Bappi Lahiri’s fans when she wore jewels on her exposed body and asked people to compare herself and Bappi Lahiri on who looks better!

The Kerala Story is set to be released in 37 countries and it is an open secret that there will be no inquiry into the profits generated overseas and the possibility of money laundering for the 2024 elections. The propaganda machinery aims to mint money by maligning the Muslim community and bolster the sagging political fortunes of Narendra Modi. For his part, Narendra Modi was busy promoting the Kerala Story and completely avoided questions on the ‘40 percent commission government in Karnataka’, inflation, price rise, unemployment, and other issues. During his speeches, Modi was unable to mention Karnataka. All the while, he was saying – Kerala, Kerala, Kerala. Those watching him from close quarters during campaigning disclosed that PM Modi seems to be impressed with Adah Sharma’s ‘good looks’ and her political utility scale to the BJP prospects in 2024.

Informed sources say that the BJP is mulling the possibility of fielding Adah Sharma from the Palakkad Lok Sabha constituency in the next elections as they think that the Palakkad Iyer Adah Sharma may help the BJP get an opening in Kerala. Last time, the BJP’s political Metro crashed as the now 90-year-old Metro man Sreedharan failed to deliver!

The BJP seems to be clutching on the last straw -Adah Sharma. The problem is that the BJP does not get back to the drawing board after constant losses but it is busy dislodging duly elected governments in state after state. However, they could not do donkey trading in Kerala – the Communists’ last citadel.

In 2020, Adah Sharma while commenting on the casting couch, had opined that the casting couch is everywhere and there is no guarantee that even after going through this, one can get a role in the film. “I think you always have a choice of whether you want to sit on it, lay on it, stand on it, or not do anything on the couch. You can sit on the floor,” she quipped. So, there is no meaty role but only meat in the film industry. Adah opted to move from sleaze to lies and propaganda. She fell for the Kerala Story!

Palakkad Lok Sabha seat will not be a cakewalk either for Adah Sharma or the BJP in 2024. In the 2019 Lok Sabha elections, the Communist candidate romped home. The Congress stood second and the BJP was a distant third. Meanwhile, the Tamil Nadu BJP president K Annamalai may be salivating with the thought of fielding Tamil-speaking Adah Sharma from Coimbatore.            

(The views expressed are personal)

Casting Couch to Saffron Couch, Adah Sharma of Kerala Story Infamy Set to Contest from Palakkad Seat on BJP Ticket

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