Gaddafi’s Son Says Government Will Prevail

TRIPOLI, April 20 (Xinhua) — The situation is now changing for the interest of the ruling regime that will definitely gain success over protesters, said Saif al-Islam, son of Libyan Leader Muammer Gaddafi, according to al-Arabiya news channel.

During an interview with the Libyan state TV, Saif al-Islam appeared upbeat saying that “Libya is not Egypt or Tunisia” in a reference that Libya’s regime will not fall due to demonstrations.

However, he mentioned that a new draft constitution is ready to replace the old one. “The old Libya will no longer remain,” added Saif al-Islam.

Gaddafi’s eldest son also strongly bashed members of rebels’ national transitional council, accusing them of seeking power and oil wealth.

Visiting France and Italy, head of the transitional council Mustafa Abdel-Galil is currently seeking a European support aiming to end the conflict in Libya and to stop further bloodshed.

Demonstrations erupted two months ago in Libya calling for toppling the regime headed by Leader Muammer Gaddafi. Since then, fighting is continuous between the pro and anti-Gaddafi sides with the rebels now controlling most of the east while Gaddafi holds most of the west.

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