UP CMO’s Murder Case: Sachan’s Wife Terms Husband’s Death ‘Preplanned Murder’

New Delhi: Dr Malti Chowdhury, wife of Dr Y S Sachan, who allegedly committed suicide in the jail toilet by hanging himself, has rejected the police version that his husband has committed suicide.

A government doctor at Laxmi Bhai Hospital at Rajajipuram in Lucknow, Malti termed the death of his husband in the prison a “carefully executed murder plan.” She alleged that her husband had been made a scapegoat to save someone else. “We cannot trust the Uttar Pradesh Police. A Central Bureau of Investigation (CBI) probe alone can bring the truth out,” she said.

She said that during her telephonic conversation with her husband on Monday morning, he had said he was forced to sign some blank paper, and that he did not feel comfortable about it.

At the same time, opposition parties in the state have used this opportunity to mount pressure again on the Mayawati-led UP government.

Vinay Katiar, BJP leader from UP, has demanded CBI enquiry into the circumstances leading to the death of the said doctor, and said his party has lost faith in UP police. “Since the last some days, UP has become a crime capital, and everyday we hear about incidents of rape, murder, robbery and kidnap. Police have not been able to solve any of these cases till now. Perhaps, only CBI will be able to bring out the real facts,” he said at a press conference in Lucknow.

Earlier, UP Congress leader, Rita Bahuguna, and party spokesperson, Digvijay Singh, too voiced similar concerns, and rejected the judicial enquiry ordered by Mayawati government. “Any one can make out that this was not a case of suicide, but murder,” Digvijay Singh commented, and demanded immediate CBI probe into the case.

Close relatives of the deceased doctor also believe that Dr Sachan was murdered. “They do not allow inmates to take any articles, particularly those which can cause injury and death, inside the jail. Dr Sachan’s wrist watch, spectacles and jewellery had been entrusted to us at the time of  his arrest. On Wednesday, when Dr Malti went to meet her husband, she had taken his shaving kit along, but the police did not allow it, citing rules. How did he have access to belt,” wondered Ram Kumar Verma, a family friend. Dr Malti’s brother, R S Sachan, also termed the incident as very unfortunate.

But UP government has stood firm on its stand that former CMO had committed suicide, and cited post mortem report as proof of its claim.


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