Mere Brother ki Dulhan: Watch it for Kat

Cast: Imran Khan, Katrina Kaif and Ali Zafar

Director: Ali Abbas Zafar

Producer:  Adhitiya Chopra

An all new Katrina!  By far her best in MBkD writes Chandini Mansinghani

If you like a typical romantic comedy and wouldn’t mind spending three hours watching it,then this a perfect watch!  As the name suggests, Mere Brother Ke Dulhan revolves around how Kush, Imran Khan falls in love with his brother Luv, Ali Zaffar’s dulhan.

Kush is asked to find his brother a perfect match as their choice is similar. He then finds Dimple, who he knows since a meeting they had on a college tour, to be the perfect choice for his brother. Only when Luv and Dimple, Katrina Kaif get engaged, do Kush and Dimple realize their love for each other.  Katrina Kaif does everything that the actor would in a movie; she plays for a band, she is an open mouth and yes she is the one who suggests that the two should run away! Although they don’t, the movie revolves around how they ultimately get their way without violence and misunderstanding.

For all the Katrina lovers there is much to look for as her role is filled with energy and something different for all viewers. This could be one of the best roles Katreena ever played.  The character played by Imran is nothing new compared to his previous roles, as expected he played it to his best! Ali Zafar with his great comic timing did justice to his role. A lot of effort has been put to make the movie a vibrant and youthful comedy!

May it be the location, songs, clothes or the entire look of the movie is at the right flow. So this week’s Mere Brother Ke Dulhan is a good choice to pass your time with family and friends!



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