Krishna protest Travel Advisory at CHOGM.

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Indian External Minister S.M.Krishna objected to countries issuing
travel advisory to India for their citizens.Five countries;US, UK,New
Zealand, Canada and Australia recently issued this warning to its
citizens pointing to threat of terrorist attacks during festive
seasons. He stated,” The language of the advisory is rather
disproportional and contrary to the current trend of tourism to
India.” He was speaking at the Commonwealth Head of Government
Meeting( CHOGM). He urged his counterpart Mr.Rudd to withdraw the
travel advisory for tourist travelling to India.In response the
Australian Foreign Minister said ,’the advisory were routine advice
and we do not have any information of any specific threat to share
with India.’ Krishna is expected to discuss the matter with his
counterparts from Canada and New Zealand as well.

Taking up the issue Union Tourism Minister Subodh Kant sahay
sais,’There is nothing but scaremonging. Leave aside parts of Indis
100% booking is reported from Jammu & Kashmir. If this isnt a sign of
normacy, what is? This year India saw an increase of 10% or 3.8
million tourist to the country between January to August this year as
compared to last.The announcement came at a time when India was set to
host its first F1 Grand Prix.


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