The Strange Story of a UP Constituency

Kauser Usman, BeyondHeadlines

Results for Uttar Pradesh Elections are out. Once again Belthara Road constituency in Ballia district of U.P. has proved that the party whose candidate wins the election from this constituency is likely to form the government in Lucknow.

Ballia is considered the most backward district of U.P. and probably because of this reason no party or leader has paid any attention to this place. It may be taken as a matter of chance or the political consciousness of local people but it is almost 100% true that the party whose candidates wins from Belthara Road (reserved) (old name: sear) assembly constituency is likely to form the government in the state.

The story of the rebel Belthara Road (reserved) assembly constituency, situated on the bank of river Ghagra and adjacent to the borders of two districts is strange. According to the results of all assembly elections after 1977, Janta Party’s Rafiullah won the election from this constituency in 1977 and Janta Party formed the government in this state, though in 1985 the result was adverse.

In the 1980 elections when Congress Party had formed the government, in this state its candidate Babban Singh had won from this seat. In 1984 after Indira Gandhi’s death, there was congress wave all over the country but inspite of this, Shardanand Anchal of Lok Dal, because of his own struggle and people’s cooperation, won the election from this constituency, though Congress formed the government.

In 1989 Shardanand again won on Janta Dal’s ticket but this time Mulayam Singh formed the government. In 1991 when Hari Narayan Rajbhar of BJP won from this place, BJP formed the government in the state. In 1993 Shardanand Anchal again won from this constituency on S.P. ticket and this time Samajwadi Party formed the government in the state.

In 1996 Hari Narayan Rajbhar again won this place on BJP ticket and BJP formed the government in the state Thereafter in 2002 when Shardnand Anchal won from S.P., this party formed the government. In 2007 when Kedar Nath Sharma won on B.S.P. ticket, BSP formed the government in the state.

And now in 2012 when SP’s Gorakh Paswan won this seat, government of SP is going to be formed. Before 1977 and after the Independence three times consecutively i.e. in 1952, 1957, 1962 and again in 1974 also the party whose candidate won from this seat ,the same party from the government in U.P .


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