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Better sense seems to have prevailed over Pune Police as its elite crime branch unit officials are busy reading Subhash Gatade’s bestseller “Godse’s Children: Hindutva terror in India” to probe deeper into the conspiracy behind the killing of Dr. Narendra Dabholkar.

DR. DABBHOLKAR CASE:  PUNE CRIME BRANCH READING 'GODSE'S CHILDREN: HINDUTVA TERROR IN INDIA'‘If the version of crime branch officials is to be trusted, then it would be for the first time in the country’s history that a police force belonging to any state is officially reading books on upper caste terrorism which offer an alternate insight into an issue as sensitive as terrorism. The welcome development being that the police have started realising the mischiefs of a small group of fascist minded individuals who want to take complete control over the country by fooling the masses through their agents in media and anti terrorism units.

BeyondHeadlines dug deep into the issue and found that the crime branch officials after getting a wind of availability of the title sent their teams scouting across leading book stores of the city to buy the book.

The police officials were shocked that such an important book is not available in any of the leading book stores in Pune, had to place an order from Pharos Publications, New Delhi and got the book after some days. “The book is a rich respository of alternate viewpoint on the issue of terrorism. The author fearlessly points out that the cults masquerading as nationalist organisations are brainwashing young and impressionable minds to take to killing. These are fascist forces who are a part of a secret society which has infiltrated all the vital organs related to the government and national security. The dubious role of the Intelligence Bureau (IB), international intelligence organisations like the CIA and Mossad has been well documented by the author, ” said a police officer.

Another police officer who is reading the book said that he found that the fake terrorism related cases were being planted on innocent muslim youth while the real perpetrators who are secret society members, were having a hearty laugh in their air conditioned cabins as they were protected by the law. “There is a need to look at the entire issue of terrorism once again as the book reveals that terrorism in India was essentially an upper caste monopoly and not that of muslims. The author has called for making IB accountable to the parliament and the people of the country, “the officer said.

Referring to Dr. Dabholkar, some officials said that there are very strong references about threats issued to Dr. Narendra Dabholkar by some hardcore right wing organisations. The book has for the first time put in writing all the terror related aspects of right wing terrorism which is dangerous to the constitution of the country. The police officials have purchased a Marathi version of the book entitled “Godse chi aulad” so that the common policemen can read about the real conspirators in their vernacular language and the reading will help them change their outlook toward the minority community and understand the role of upper caste conspirators, said a police official.


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