Ensure Pedestrian Safety at Nelson Mandela Marg, New Delhi

Firdaus Jahan for BeyondHeadlines

A petition is filed by Amitabh Kumar for ensuring Nelson Mandela road in New Delhi, is pedestrian-friendly and safe at

Nelson Mandel road in New Delhi is home to many ‘hit and run’ road accidents which go unreported. The 3 kilometers long road is unsafe for pedestrians to use. Mr. Amitabh Kumar uses this every day and has witnessed speeding traffic troubling pedestrians. As well as there is no provision of a foot-over-bridge or traffic lights for people to cross. That’s why he started a petition asking to the Engineer in Chief of Public Works Department, Dinesh Kumar, to ensure that road is pedestrian-friendly and safe. More people supporting his campaign can get Mr. Kumar to sanction a foot-over-bridge for pedestrians to use that road safely. Therefore, Mr. Kumar wants the intervention of Beyond Headlines editor to get at least 5000 signatures at his petition to ensure that Mr. Kumar doesn’t ignore his demands and makes the road more accessible for pedestrians.


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