22 Indian Workers Trapped in Saudi Arabia; Allege Cheating by Recruitment Agency

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New Delhi: About 22 workers currently stranded in Saudi Arabia have accused the Delhi based recruitment agency R.K. International of cheating them by promising jobs in reputed international companies.

20140221_221015Nazir Hussain, who is originally from Betiah in Bihar told BeyondHeadlines, “We all gave interview at the Rajendra Place office of RK International for recruitment in Saudi based Bin Laden Group of Company. They even charged us one lakh rupees each as recruitment fees.”

The working visa they were offered were also in the name of a subsidiary of Bin Laden, ABCD, they say. Workers paid the fees as demanded as Bin Laden group is reputed organisation, but they are now feeling cheated as only after reaching Medina they were forced to work in another company by the name Al-Shaheq International.

These workers are now ‘trapped’ as according to them, HR staffs of Al-Shaheq International have forcibly ceased their passports and they are now forced to work in this company.

A desperate Hussain told BeyondHeadlines over phone, “They are treating us like an animal. We are here in very bad condition.” Hussain alleged that while 22 workers have already reached Saudi Arabia, but many more workers in Delhi are being duped.

These workers are accusing Al-Shaheq International and RK International of collusion and cheating.

When these workers tried to contact the Bin Laden group’s head-office, they informed that they have no knowledge of these recruitments.

Workers alleged that they frantically also tried to contact J.K. Khosla of the RK International, but of no avail.

Meanwhile, when BeyondHeadlines tried to contact J.K. Khosla of RK International, he initially refused to talk, but after repeated attempts, he said that they do their business fairly and are not involved in any form of cheating or fraud. He added that persons who are sent on the visa of a particular company work in the same company. When pointed about the complaints, he said that he will look into it.

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