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PUNE: Thirty four year old Mohammad Sajid Memon was mercilessly beaten up by a group of police men  of Kondhwa Police station as he was riding his bike triple seat. Memon has been  admitted to Sasoon General Hospital after he fainted in  the police station. Memon was assaulted in the premises of the police station.

Memon who resides near Hemant karkare chowk in Kondhwa was going to his shop in Konarkpooram on Friday morning at around 0930 hours. Memon was riding motorcycle carrying his 9 month old son and his helper Vishal Waghmare, 29  to his shop, when he was interrupted by Police constable Yashwant Satav of kondhwa police station.

Memon said, “I was going towards my shop, satav came from behind on his bike and started abusing me saying you are driving triple seat on such a congested  street  (Babu bhai hospital lane, Kondhwa), on questioning why are you abusing me, he started beating me and in with in five minutes around five policemen arrived and all of them started hurling blows on me and dragged me into the police vehicle and took me to Kondhwa police station, where around seven policemen beated me up in the lock up.

Memon became unconscious in lock up and was taken to Sasoon hospital by police. Vishal Wagmare, helper of Memon alleged that he was also beaten up by policemen. He said, “I was carrying the son of my boss while sitting as pillion when police constable came on a white activa and stopped us and started abusing, the moment my boss asked him not to abuse he started beating him and called up other policemen, they beated me up with belt and took me to police station where around 6-7 police men beated both of us.

When BeyondHeadlines tried to talk to Memon in hospital two police constables were interfering and took Memon away. They said that Memon is in Police custody and is not allowed to talk to press.

It is important to note, that Memon also has paid a fine of 300 rupees for driving triple seat.

Tarum Memon, younger brother of injured victim sajid, “when I came to know about the incident I rushed to police station, but police didn’t allowed me to meet my brother, they told me to leave the police premises immediately.

Relatives of Memon including his wife and parents were not allowed to meet the Memon inside police station and were forced to leave.

Sadiq Quershi, a lawyer and a native of kondhwwa said, “I tried to talk to API kapre but he didn’t entertained, infact door of Detection branch department was closed, everybody who went to meet memon was asked to leave and gates of police compound were closed.

According to DK basu citation, nobody can stop family of arrested person to meet him, it’s a violation of human rights.” added Qureshi.

Doctor Mukund, a surgeon at sasoon hospital, who  examined the patient said, “clinically there is no injury, but patient has complained of abdomen and chest pain, but as he is a custodial patient we are doing sonography for confirmation of injuries.

Assistant police inspector Dhanajay Kapre of Kondhwa police station said, “memon was making baseless allegations, he was going triple seat, but when he was stopped by Constable Yashwant Satav, memon told him that who was he to ask him wheather he was driving triple seat or not.”

Police constable Yashwant Satav who was alleged by Memon for beating him said, “as he was driving triple seat I just asked him why he is driving triple seat, so he stopped his bike on the side of road and asked me  that who am I to ask him all this.”

“He told me he knows my seniors in police department and was mentioning the names of PI Mandre and Pochorkar, when I called up Mandre sir he asked me to bring him to Police station, but when I asked him to come with me he was reluctant, two of our marshals came then also he was not ready to come and gopt into scuffle with them, later on Police of DB department came and took him to police station,’ said, Satav.

“we haven’t beated him up he is making allegations,” added satav Police have registered the case on menon Under section 353 of indian penal code.


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