Yes, We Want Corruption, Say Kindergarten Kids!

Debby Rai for BeyondHeadlines

Soon after the little girls draped in white sarees gleefully posed as Bharat Maata, while the boys flaunted their bald head as Mahatma Gandhi, with the Tricolour kissing their tender hands, concluded their performances in the Independence Day celebration of the Kindergarten wing of a local school, the Principal took over the stage.

Seasoned as she is about expressing gratitude to the gathering of both the students and parents for their presence on the eve of Independence Day, she cautiously touched the burning issues of today’s India. “Dear all, we must contribute our bit towards the eradication of the social evils and heinous crimes like rapes and child abuse”, said the well-spoken woman clad in a grey cotton saree.

She all of a sudden asked the Kindergarten students whether they want corruption! The kids in turn responded in an affirmative tone. This thunderous and convincing ‘Yes’ although astonished the parents. A few laughed it off while some other felt embarrassed.

Playing a climax here, the principal explained that these innocent minds are not even aware about the term ‘corruption’, hence took it sportingly. “But, we, the society as a whole teach them the meaning of corruption. Right from the childhood to later life, we all play corrupt and encourage corruption in some or the other way”, she pointed. Thus requesting the bewildered parents to refrain from such practices and keeping their children unaware about the term forever!

The principal signed off, so did the parents as they rushed back to their workplaces… leaving behind those innocent minds, who were still wondering within the four walls of their alma-mater about the precise meaning of ‘corruption’.


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