German Bakery Blast convict Himayat Baig faced Life threatening attack in Pune jail

After the mysterious murder of Qateel Siddiqui in Yerwada Jail of Pune, recently Himayat Baig also faced life threatening attack in the same jail of Pune. The state of security and safety of prisoners along with the role of security agencies is in question, Abubakr Sabbaq of APCR complained to the higher authorities for action. Here BeyondHeadline is reproducing the same from the letter of Mr Abubakr Sabbaq written to the  Chief Minister of Maharashtra, Union Ministry for Home Affairs, Chief Justice of Bombay High Court, Home Minister Maharashtra state, Director General of Police, Maharashtra.


The Chief Minister,

State of Maharashtra

Mantralaya, Mumbai

Subject: complaint against the life threatening assault on Himayat Baig in Pune’s Yerwada Prison on February 19, 2015.

Respected Sir,

The present complaint is based on the news widely reported in the Media (Indian Express, The Sunday Express, New Delhi, February 22, 2015 page-9) i.e. “German Bakery blast Convict says assaulted in jail, Pune:  German Bakery blast Convict Himayat Baig, who is presently lodged in Pune’s Yerwada Prison, has alleged that he was subjected to a life threatening assault” by a co-prisoner on February 19 and jail officials hushed up the incident fearing “action” by higher authorities. Baig, 34, who was sentenced to death by a trial court in 2013, his appeal against the death sentence, is pending before the Bombay High Court”.

It should be noted that on 09-06-2012, another accused in the same German Bakery Blast Case, Qateel Siddiqui was murdered in high security Anda Cell of the same Yarwada Central Jail in Pune Maharashtra. After which the DCP Dyaneshwar Chavan had given a Statement that ‘murder of Qateel Siddiqui was done by his Co-prisoners Sharad Mohol and Alok Bhalerao after a petty dispute’ also seems suspicious and fabricated, the said murder case is pending in the Bombay High Court, where the complainant is petitioner.

We strongly feel that this is a planned attempt to murder like mysterious murder of Qateel Siddiqui, an Indian citizen who was in judicial custody. It should be noted that Maharashtra ATS remanded him to interrogate into Garman Bakery Bomb Blast case but no charge sheet was filed against him.

No doubt that Himayat Baig is convicted by trial court in German Bakery blast case, but in the same case three premier investigating agencies given clean chit to Baig after their investigation in the said case, the said agencies are National Investigation Agency (NIA), Special Cell of Delhi Police and Central Crime Branch (CCB) of Banglore, after the said investigation reports the credibility of ATS Maharashtra was in questions, especially Mr. Rakesh Maria was questioned by civil societies for falsely implicating Himayat Baig and his suspicious role in terror related cases, and when Mr. Mehmood Pracha advocate for Himayat Baig in Bombay High Court, named Rakesh Maria and demanded criminal proceedings for creating concocted evidences against his client, on the same day Mr. Pracha himself got life threatening calls and messages from underworld don Ravi Pujari, which is an evident of Police-underworld close nexus.

Sir, this is the matter of serious concern that Custodial Violence is endemic and almost institutionalized. There are number of cases in Maharashtra where prisoners are being attacked by the goonda elements by all accounts with the support of the Jail Administration and police agencies. Life threatening attack on Himayat Baig and Murder of Qauteel Sidduqui belongs to the same chain.

Hence we seek your urgent action in this matter in the following manner:-

  • An impartial Enquiry should be instituted to investigate in to the Himayat Baig Attack case especially against Mr. Rakesh Maria (now Police Commissioner of Mumbai) and his role.
  • An F.I.R. under section 307 and other appropriate provisions of the laws should be lodged immediately against the Jail Inmates, Jail superintendent/officials and the ATS personnel who were responsible for the security of Himayat Baig.
  • The jail authorities should be ordered to take immediate and necessary steps for the safety and security of Himayat Baig, as the top cops of the Maharashtra police are afraid about the consequences of falsely implicating Himayat Baig with concocted evidences in a heinous crime.
  • The Jail superintendent should be transferred immediately from the Yarwada Jail, Pune, along with legal/disciplinary action against his commission/omission due to failure in discharging his duty.

Kindly take the appropriate action according to the constitution/law of the country; please provide a copy of every action/enquiry if taken any in this regard.

The Complainant

Abu Bakr Sabbaq

Association for Protection of Civil Rights (APCR)

Flat No.103, E-89, A.F.Enclave, Hari Kothi Lane,

Okhla, New Delhi,Pin-Code-110025


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