Social Activist Objects to Religious Rituals in Bombay High Court

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A Pune based social activist has petitioned the chief justice and registrar general of Bombay high court alleging that an objectionable religious program was held at Bombay High Court on Feb 21. Activist Sachin Godambe in his petition stated that it has been reported in the media that rituals of particular religion has been held at premises of the Bombay High Court on 21-Feb with the permission of Hon.Chief Justice. Citing reference of a newspaper link

Godambe further stated “ This is extremely condemnable and violative of directive principles of Constitution of India which says promoting scientific attitude should be duty of the Government. Government should always be neutral to any religion and any religious activities should not be performed in any govt. offices including the Courts.

Also there should not be any photos of gods of any religion as per above principles. If Hon. High court it self allows these kind of religious tolerance, how justice can be prevailed by them impartially and without any bias, he added.

Last month, Pune district court taken a good decision not to allow any such rituals at its premises following protest letter by a group of lawyers., Godambe wrote.

“I would like to request Hon. Bombay High court Registrar and Chief Justice not to allow any such programs in the future which is against the basic spirit of the Constitution.

I would also like to request Hon. Chief Justice to issue circular to all the district courts of the state not to allow any such religious programs on the court premises and also remove all the photos etc. of any religion from the court premises. This will help strengthen our secular fabric of the constitution of India.

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